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  1. yeah i am really scared of doing gambling since it’s riskier. that’s devastating news, i’m sorry. it's a lesson learned from now on. i hope you recover soon! good luck!
  2. yes it will definitely be helpful for them. extensive reading is a must here so you can learn more about crypto.
  3. trading and gambling are a lot difficult to grasp actually. but i do hope i will learn it in the future and i can be able to do it.
  4. it’s just okay actually. not that great. but if you really want something higher profit don’t pick mining because as you said it's tiring and get small amount. but i don’t know yet how to do trading and gambling .
  5. yeah crypto is absolutely interesting. but if you work here and not for money, i think you just really love crypto that much even if the money is not present.
  6. yeah i agree with you. that’s the sad part because we are not entirely sure if we are secure now because hackers are multiplying and getting better nowadays. stay safe everyone!
  7. good thing we are here now. and enjoying the opportunity offered by bitcoin. i am so glad that i tried this tho i also missed a lot of years to finally experience it.
  8. yeah i agree with you. it will definitely be a great relief if the admin completely (hopefully) eradicate them. they are just messing with the quality content of this forum.
  9. yes a lot of information here are really valuable and helps us about the status of bitcoin and other important stuff.
  10. i say greedy because they are still scamming people just to be selfish and not considering other people’s lives (those people that they fooled).
  11. i agree. i know some are just lazy to look it out and be informed about what bitcoin really is. they are missing a great opportunity. lucky us we have knowledge about bitcoin and currently experiencing this.
  12. uh-huh. i am hoping there will be a big upcoming project for the next years so that it won’t be gone anytime soon. it can only disappear if someone will create something new and has a big opportunity than crypto.
  13. yes that’s what i also thought. it’s more complex as it’s seem. although it will be a great upgrade if that will happen in the near future.
  14. yes it is. some are scared to try this out because of the information that they know (w/c considered as misinformed). i hope in the future bitcoin will be accepted worldwide.
  15. yeah i do. i know for sure that soon, the admin will add other feature here and category for us. and also i think we should share a topic that is informative so that we can have a more sensible discussion.
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