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  1. i have been here since october last year. it’s a great journey for me. i learned a lot and i keep on learning information here. i am so thankful that i’ve been invited to join here in the forum. i hope this stays longerrr.
  2. by abiding rules and regulations, you are considered as a responsible user here in the forum. creating useful posts and informative one will help the forum to be better. i recommend that you all should research about any topics in here so you can create sensible discussion.
  3. yes. all users should read this tips. before replying to any topic, you should really know the topic in order for you to create useful post. and creating topic, make sure that the topic are interesting enough for the users to reply. make sure it is worthy to reply.
  4. it’s really frustrating to spot copy/paster users here in crypto. they are making this forum low quality site. just a bunch of users that paraphrase and copying other answers and not thinking their own ideas to reply. i also saw some of my replies are copy pasted by some users.
  5. the number of users are increasing. so the rules and regulations are also updating. we have a lot of benefits that we get in crypto but yes it is really frustrating to know that they keep on narrowing down the number of users. implementing complicated rules that will make any users abandon this site. i feel your sentiments.
  6. the solution that i have got is replying to another answer to avoid repeating my replies. it’s really hard to find any topic in here that are worth replying. so i just answered some comments and replied to them to avoid repetition.
  7. i remember when i was new in here, i spend most of my time here in the forum. i was addicted to this. but things have changed and i have academic priorities now. so i spend my time less in here. whenever i get a chance to post, i post something in here.
  8. this forum is definitely helpful for me. you can only get paid just by posting and commenting here in the forum. contributing informative information can help other people and you can also benefit from it because you’ll get paid for sharing infos. it’s really helpful to both parties (you and other users).
  9. you can earn from both. you just have to make sure that your comments and posts are useful. as long as it is valuable one or informative, you can gett paid for that.
  10. i think your posts were not considered by the admin as useful posts. we are all experiencing this situation. so the best we can do is contribute more valuable information and useful one to get paid. do not just copy paste any ideas from others.
  11. yes it is really fascinating to see users that have a signature in their computer. one day, i’ll try to make one. if i will come up pf any idea what to put in there.
  12. i think the campaign was started for about 3 months ago or 4. i’m not entirely sure. but as far as i know it was only 3 months they started paying users 1000 satoshis every post.
  13. i did experience a lot of difficulties here in the forum. well, i still am up to this day. my posts are always deleted by the admin and it’s really frustrating because my efforts are only put into waste. but i’m still working in here despite of the difficulties i’ve experienced.
  14. you won’t get banned either if you use wifi network or mobile data. you will only get banned if you have multiple accounts using the same ip address.
  15. woah. i only find out these things right now. thank you for these valuable information. i think i’ll try to use the apps since it’s enjoyable and you can get paid while playing. i think it’s fun.
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