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  1. Crypto Mining Rig 300 MH/s @1200W at ~1 Year ROI Simple user interface as the machine will run Windows. Mining will be as easy as click-to-start. I also recommend 4 crypto/blockchain based apps to run on your machine to earn extra passive income. Software uses auto-profit switching for the best mining results and enables payouts in multiple currencies. Specs/parts: 5x Geforce RTX 3060 Ti Elite 8GB GPU 1x MSI Motherboard w/ 5 GPU Ports 1x Ryzen 3 - 3.6 GHz 4 Core CPU 2x 4GB DDR4 2666 MHz RAM 1x 1200W Platinum Rated PSU 5x GPU Riser Cards & Cables 1x 2TB 7500RPM 3.5" HDD 1x Mining Rig Frame 1x Windows 10 Pro License (With Disk) 1x Power On/Off Switch If you want to save money by opting out of buying Windows and HDD then you save ~$250 The unit will not come assembled unless you request & pay me to do so. PROFIT CALCULATION DETAILS: Each RTX 3060 has a PROFIT 4.16 USD (x5 = $20.80 USD a day) This equates to $7592 USD a year with is ~$10327 AUD a year. Profit is calculated after taking a $0.19 USD (25c AUD) cost per kWH ROI (return on investment) on the rig will take roughly 1 year. *Calc based at time of making the listing (6:30 PM UTC +8:00 - 28/07/2021) *Calc based off specific mining software. See the link below for more details: POSTAGE INFO: Postage is to be paid by the buyer and is sent express. REFUND INFO: If it is possible for me to work out a refund option there will be a 15% fee deducted from the original purchase amount.
  2. Raising awareness for Qortal. An under-recognized cryptocurrency with huge potential and use cases. A project that started in 2013 and finally launched it's blockchain in 2020 with additional features to come. What's so good about Qortal? 1. You can mint Qortal with 0 investment via the Qortal-UI. 2. Built in DEX for LTC/QORT and DOGE/QORT trading pairs. (More coming soon) 3. Built in wallet for BTC, LTC, DOGE & QORT, you own the keys. (More coming soon) 4. Hardware support for almost all devices and OS. 5. Qortal has their own debian OS with integrated Qortal features, great for Pi. 7. Built in private messaging and group chat options. 8. Optional Discord interface for some features. Coming to Qortal soon: 1. Decentralized website & blog hosting. 2. Decentralized file hosting & sharing solutions. 3. More trading pairs and local wallets listing. Qortal relies heavily on the input of it's community for new idea proposals and natural exposure to the crypto world. Qortal is not yet listed on coin market websites nor on any exchanges so Qortal is yet to reach the audience it is made for. It's safe to say when it does get that exposure Qortal is sure to skyrocket in value (This is not financial advice, DYOR). I hope Qortal interests you and you take advantage of all that Qortal has and will have to offer. I'll see you on Qortal team soon! Website: Discord:
  3. Miner update ;) My miners 2020-09-21 17:35 Micro #22021 423 MINEX ~ 0.00542709 btc ~ 83.49 usd ~ 6460.82 rur 22 days left On 07:38:15 2020-09-13 16:18 Micro #13078 495 MINEX ~ 0.00635085 btc ~ 97.70 usd ~ 7560.53 rur 22 days left On 06:20:56
  4. The main reason I prefer crypto to FIAT is because inflation is traceable and known, not just printed out of thin air... usually. Perhaps the recent rise in BTC is due to FIAT decrease/inflation
  5. I think the main issue PayPal will have is tying crypto into their escrow service. PayPal needs to be able to reverse transactions in the case of refunds, this is hard to do with crypto unless they personally hold and re-release the funds when the TX is confirmed, similar to Alibaba which I heard has also started accepting crypto currency payments.
  6. I could see this working because Alibaba provide an escrow service, so no matter the payment method they should be able to control whether a refund is needed or not.
  7. I think the BTC network is too huge to suffer 51% attack unless there is some sort of super computers working or every miner in the same pool under control by 1 entity. We have seen attacks on lower ranked coins, yes, bcoz the chain is easy to take over. GRIN just saw 51% attack, on mimble wimble chain... they are monitoring and blocking some payouts.
  8. this supercomputer and even mining company conversation needs to happen. People owning huge amounts of hash power is not good, we have seen lots of 51% attacks lately, recently GRIN seen an attack with over 57% of its network being owned by 1 mining pool. Mining can be dangerous, especially if someone creates new tech able to out mine everyone which they keep for them selves. I think we need to move away from POW.
  9. PayPal does not like crypto due to its irreversible traits. This makes sense due to PayPals refund policies, the funds must be in a bank / account linked to paypal. If PayPal works with a crypto to create an escrow service to hold before release to ensure both parties are happy then it will work. Watch this idea be adopted sooner than you think. As for alternatives, Payeer wallet is multi currency (FIAT and crypto) with great fees. I think each USD transaction costs 10 cents no matter the size. I can't remember 100%
  10. Pi future prediction market was putting PI price at $0.30 USD about 3 weeks ago and now is currently over 54c. Check this site for details PI seems like another project offering wide spread community adoption and dispersal. Easy mining means easy adoption.
  11. Heres a little miner update ;D My miners 2020-09-21 17:35 Micro #22021 405 MINEX ~ 0.00526095 btc ~ 80.87 usd ~ 6263.03 rur 23 days left On 04:19:02 2020-09-13 16:18 Micro #13078 477 MINEX ~ 0.00619623 btc ~ 95.25 usd ~ 7376.46 rur 23 days left On 03:01:43
  12. here a little update for y'all :) 2020-09-21 17:35 Micro #22021 369 MINEX ~ 0.00664569 btc ~ 89.39 usd ~ 7145.90 rur 27 days left On 05:11:19 2020-09-13 16:18 Micro #13078 441 MINEX ~ 0.00794241 btc ~ 106.83 usd ~ 8540.22 rur 27 days left On
  13. I think we witness a pump and dump with the release of these swap / defi projects as the APYs were so promising yet the coin you buy falls 90%. People speak of it as an exit scam, yet it was so new, it was a straight up scam
  14. I have tried experimenting with DEX's, previously with crypto bridge which is now unavailable and now Binance DEX. The problem I face is having coins on the BEP2 chain and not ERC20. It is a strange process.
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