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  1. In fact i have no idea which other currency take low withdrawal fees, but i agree the litecoin is the best currency for transaction purpose, because my personally experience I use litecoin when I withdrawal funds in yobit, its take very low amount maybe some of cents according the currency price but other currency information also useful thank you so much for this.
  2. No doubt, there is an evolution in all posts for mates who gained experience from reading new information in the platform, and also we see every day many new comers who start learning with us in this platform good luck all of you keep it up.
  3. Thank you so much for your posting your idea it's very informative way to those beginners and newbies in this forum and i hope that they would understand what your pointing and must follow your tips and ideas about that.
  4. Hey all mates you don't need to worry to work here. If you don't know about the work you have to do then just follow the seniors. Cause you can easily learn and gain a knowledge from them about this site. Then you will able to work in this platform as well.
  5. Firstly when you enter the Yobit forum via email, you must take into account the deletion of the point if it exists, suppose if the private e-mail is [email protected] delete the point to become ABC and then reset the password, you must click on the link that will come on the e-mail to be directed to the page that will write the password that's it.
  6. Well the mate tech crypto currency to your neighbors and family members, you selected points also useful I think you tech them how this crypto currencies important in transaction, and in future how this crypto currency change the whole world, your concept also unique mate to promote crypto in your circle of life.
  7. Most of projects that fall in crypto currency and the most of people are lost a lot of money with like you mention bit connect and one coin and more,that's why we should be careful about that and ask before invest in any new projects, specially for newbies thanks.
  8. In the start no one was interested in bitcoin when his price was 0.001 in 2009, but after 8 years and exactly in 2017 his price increased to 20k above dollars, and everyone became a searcher for him, thank you so much for this useful information now the people are increasingly interested in it.
  9. Obviously the stocks market is a much better way to make a profit and now there is a lot if exchange who start listing a stock market in his exchange like binance with Tesla and coin base stocks you can buy and sell in the same channels with the bused coin also you can trade stocks personally i am going to investigate a little more about that.
  10. Dear members writing a post is such a good than writing a reply because when you write your own post than lot of people give you the reaction and give you a reputation and when you comment on other post then there is very low chances that you achieve a reputation create your own topics keep it up.
  11. In fact i will suggest you that use this yobit ex changer as a wallet members because they will make sure that they will control it safely and you don't need worried about that, you can also do trading, investing and betting here so that you can earned some extra coins also can get more benefits.
  12. Definitely, we must provide support and assistance to each other in order to gain a good reputation, but the mates stop giving positive reputation and ratings due to stopping the payment so always do good for others it will come back with unexpected ways.
  13. Dear mates, instead of publishing a topic asking about what someone wins, you can follow up on any of the any senior and ask him about that. Or look for anyone who won a lot from here and write your article about him good luck all of you.
  14. My dream is that to own one of the biggest cryptocurrencies project in the future, that's will come to get big evolution in the crypto market also my goal is obtain as much capital as possible.
  15. As a newbies you can get many ways here in this platform, you can getting knowledge in cryptocurrency, earning talk token and this token equal to money, you can get many answers if you want to invest on any site or coin, just post a topic about your investment, crypto talk is a large professional and helpful platform.
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