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  1. Hi I'm here Crypto trader expert. I want to teach way of earn by Crypto mining and crypto trading. I will also share signals for spot trading and sometime for future trading. But I like spot trading. I will teach you A to Z by this platform when cryptotalk open a payment method. Then I will start here Crypto course for all members is free. Training course will be best for biginners and also for traders to know signal. I also teach you analytical analysis and technical analysis and crytpo graph.
  2. Today I see that on youtube mostly recomand the binance.it's also have own coin BnB. It's easy to use. I also install and see dashboard and I like it. Whats you expect.
  3. Binance is the best exchanger. It's also lunch's coin BnB. As you know that it's easy to sell and buy crypto. I use a binance.
  4. Yeah thank you sir. Now I understand this one. Thank you for explanation.
  5. Sir, I can't understand what is the function of broxus chrome functions. I read a post but I can't understand what is the relation between crypto talk and broxus browser.
  6. There are many fake apps on the play store. I also have experienced in this way is that I install many apps and spend time but mostly here are scammers. I also earn something by playing the game. An online system referral system is necessary for earn. This is the point which makes the people dishearten.
  7. Yeah, sure dear, it's a right and I agree with you success is directly proportional to hard work. There is no doubt. we need here to work hard and support the beginners. But these days we need to work hard with patience. There is one day when we become successful people. In my opinion, work hard is directly proportional to success and there is patience is constant and continue work.
  8. Latoken buys and sells bitcoin and ETH crypto wallets. It's was released on 17 March 2020. This app is available on the play store with 5 all-plus downloads. It offers the biggest market of tokens and trades 650 crypto pairs. It's also a top crypto exchange. You can create an account with a phone number or email address. Easy to use.
  9. Dear sir, there are many ways to earn online. Crypto talk is also the best way to earn and real work. Fiverr and Upwork or others freelancing platforms offer the best site to earn. We make a gig like a shop on this platform and buyers send a request for their work. Buyer also guides about their work.
  10. Thank you, sir, for sharing this very informative topic and experience. I appreciate work. In past, I buy a coins few but now I left this Job. It's complicated work and not easy. It requires a time investment.
  11. I joined many airdrop but I can't recived from any airdrop. Mostly are scam. I also complete their task. But not get any coin.
  12. Fear is bridge between success and failure. Fear can motivate, educate. First we take a risk in life then their is failure fear also come in mind. If we first understand the system the no fear.
  13. Yes dear sir, I use it in trading and withdraw profit. This profit use in daily life. As you know that trading is spot trading or future trading. Prefer to use spot training it will be helpful in daily life. Thanks
  14. Dear sir, if you like to tag in post the write a word or sentance then press comma without space. This create a tag in post. If you like to mention anyone name then use @ and write name after this symbol. I hope my answer is helpful for you.
  15. It's good to question which time is better for withdraw. I think we know about the value of BTC in the market. When the value of BTC is increased than is the right option to withdraw. But first, we follow the rules of crypto talk and complete the targets that are like 100 posts or comments. I share my point of view in this regard. But everyone has a different view and experience, now lets your time start.
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