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  1. It's good to earn extra income either it is too small.. But I will advice you that you will need to spend a lot of time for this purpose so if you want to earn maximum income then you need to joins another site just like that one so that you can easily get your tasks.. Working on this forum is quite easy as we only post or comments on any other posts.. So we can do it at any time and any place so we do t need to become a specific for this tasks... We are allow to work on it any time of the day and night whenever you wants
  2. It's good idea to earn maximum through online but in my opinion it's only a wastage of time.. Because we need to spend a huge time to earn from faucets so if anyone want to earn then he or she need to join this site because we only spend 2 hours here and are paid very well amount from the forum so we not need to earn faucets.. We are paid as much amount which is quite enough to meet daily requirements and expenses easily.
  3. The first problem which I face on the forum was about the withdrawal that how we can withdraw our earnings from the forum,i get my answers from the seniors which is really helpful to me so that now I am withdraw my earnings without any difficulty.. The second problem on the site was that some time the search bat doesn't appear, it's solution was that we need to quit the site once and again open it by doing such act the search bar appears now. And in last I face the problem of getting deleted my posts which solution is that always work hard so that your posts will not be deleted.
  4. There are a lot of crypto currencies in the world right now but only some of them are popular all over the world so if you want to invest in these currencies then you need to choose that one which will be on the top of the chart.. So we all k ow that bitcoin is the king of crypto currency so if anyone wants to invest his or her money in digital currencies then he need to choose bitcoin for this purpose.. We hope that it will be benificial for her to earn maximum profits.
  5. Yes my friend I also face such a problem many time on this site.. The best way to overcome this problem is that we need to quit the site once and then we need to come on the site, by doing this the search bar will appears... I think it's not a major issue so you don't need to be worry about it.. But we all know that it's only a way to search our topics or members on the forum.. So it has of great importance.
  6. My dear friend we get warning points first before warning if we repeat such a mistake again then we are getting banned from the forum.. So if you get any warning points from the forum then you need to thinks about that due to which reason they are comes to you.. What is your fault.. The reason will be in your posts due to which it comes.. If your getting banned then there is nothing to ensure that why you are banned from the forum even you will not be able to get entrance on the site with that account.
  7. In my opinion if you reply in that poll then it will be considered the post otherwise not but I am not confirmed yet about it.. As for I think it's all up to commenting because until you didn't type any messages, your posts will not be considered yet. So don't be remains in minds that it will consider the post. Because if it yet so then we can easily posts here by entering in other pools.. So comment is the best option.
  8. First of all well come here my friend. We hope that you will be right and enjoying on this forum.. I want to say that you can not delete your posts from the forum itself because there is no option to delete them. Once you post then it will be on the forum until forum needs this.. But you have a chance to correct your mistakes because there is option of edit them. If you think that you made any mistake in your post then edit your post and remove such a mistake and then again posts it. Thanks.
  9. The purpose of this currency is to promote everything which will join with this. So if you think that it's just like social media and networking then you are wrong because social media and networking is only for advertising purposes but crypto currency is advertisement in itself.. So don't compare it with social media.. It's a very good initiative to create digital currencies which is looking the future of the world right now.
  10. As we all know that now a days the situation is out of control. Everyone is on there homes. Everywhere in the world is lock down so we need to spend our time on crypto talk forum and earn our earnings.. All the businesses and work shops are closed and the economy is going towards loos. So if you want to run you house then you need to join this forum and earn through this site by working on it.. It's quite easy to work on it which anyone can do this very easily... I am working on this forum from 4 weeks and earn my wealth but if I got banned from the forum then it will be very difficult for me to manage my expenses in this situation.
  11. I agree with you mate that always make decisions to invest in those currencies which has a large market share or volume because there are high chances that they will not crashed very soon.. There are high chances that they will grow up due to there familiarity in public just like bitcoin.. We all k ow that now a days bitcoin is no number one position due to its familiarity.. So if anyone wants to invest his or her money then bitcoin is best for him or her.
  12. Absolutely right saying brother that never share your private or personal information with anyone on the internet especially to the sites because they can use it for wrong purposes.. Your account can be hacked or especially your wallet can be hacked and you will loose your all money in seconds so be careful from such a fraud so that you keep safe yourself from scamers,and easily continue your workouts on the sites.
  13. Very good and informative one.. I want to appreciate you for the reason behind this is that this post is just like your other posts.. We we all know that you are working hard on this forum and making such a good and Informative posts for everyone that why I want to appreciate you on your brilliant work here.. We hope that you will pay for your hard work.. Now a days to make new topics on the forum is too much difficult but other people need to seeks from your work and try to do that. Thanks m
  14. Very informative post you have shared with us.. Thanks a lot for this contribution on the forum so that other get help from your posts.. I hope that just like me, many other will seek knowledge and information from this kind of posts.. As you shared the ways we can earn money are very useful for everyone. We can try them and earn through these ways as well.. As we know that everyone is getting hard to earn so I hope that you will continue such type of work for others and as well as for yourself.
  15. Yes friend it help us a lot in our lives.. After joining this forum I am really happy that I can meet my daily needs and requirements very easily.. We are paid with very well worth on the forum which is quite enough to meet the needs of any single person so easily. I will advice others to join this amazing forum so that they also get there earnings through this site and remain happy just like us.
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