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  1. I have completed one hundred posts and I have been working for seven consecutive days. Now my payment has started. I needed information to withdraw this amount. Your post has helped me. Thank you.
  2. Of course, it is true that we learn from our mistakes and we are very content after each of our mistakes and avoid repeating the same mistakes. We try to improve ourselves after each of our mistakes so that we can succeed.
  3. This forum pays us to publish twenty useful posts daily and it takes two to three hours to publish twenty useful posts daily but in order to make more profit we have to focus on business and learn.
  4. I joined this forum to learn about cryptocurrency and to make a profit, but here I am benefiting and learning more than I thought. This forum is very informative and very useful.
  5. The beginner section is very simple and easy and therefore all the members devote their time in this section and this section is more active. But we should also give time and learn in the second section.
  6. Of course, carelessness can cost us money and harm us. Yobit is a good platform that protects our assets but we can lose our balance if we do not keep content and protect our account information.
  7. Yes I like your suggestion. We should work in a group. This is a good idea and it will be of great benefit to each member of the group. We will be able to learn from each other and gain knowledge and advice on cryptocurrency Support each other.
  8. You should research and get information about this wallet before using any wallet or choosing any wallet as most wallets are scams.Experienced members should help.
  9. In my opinion, less than three warning points are bound for one month and our payment is stopped. And with six warning points, our account is permanently blocked. But by publishing unique and standard content and following the rules, we can be protected from restrictions.
  10. Time should be taken, patience should be exercised and honest efforts should be continued. Never be discouraged by any problems or worries and never give up because only those who work hard achieve success.
  11. The more knowledge we gain and the more we learn, the easier it will be for us to publish good content and gain a good reputation. Keep trying and you will succeed.
  12. We learn by reading. We gain knowledge by reading. Reading increases our knowledge. We should always read and learn something new so that we can gain more experience and gain.
  13. I think everyone's goal in the forum is to make money, but to make money you have to learn, you have to gain knowledge and experience. So here we are here to learn. Our first and foremost goal is to learn because only by learning can we make money by publishing useful posts.
  14. Yes, I prefer to buy and sell cryptocurrency because investing and trading in cryptocurrency can make us very profitable and rich. But it is important to learn.
  15. Congratulations from me. Keep up the good work and keep trying to improve the quality of the forum by publishing informative and quality content. We must all understand our responsibility to succeed in this forum.
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