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  1. I have three different wallets for storing my crypto currencies and i posted a topic about this too. This is very important to any crypto user especially beginners, there are many unexpected things can happen to an exchange or wallet where you store you coins and you can lose them all.
  2. You should make sure that your post will be liked by almost everyone and that is really hard because you can not always make people like or agree about what you said. Even some of the posts are really good and useful.
  3. Which post we give positive reaction from now on because the moderators will be strict in the forum to punish any sort of violation made by any one of us since the payment in BTC has already began since yesterday. I believe number of spam rating will increase in this forum especially from people having multiple accounts and I will support the administration to punish member
  4. This forum we are all friends and family members, if anyone face any problem in crypto currencies then discusse in the forum, and try to solve this problem its good this type activities gives motivation.
  5. I was affected by this story because it somewhat cursed my story, but the difference was, I was not earning anything sitting all day on my computer and I could not find a single cent unless I got to know someone who helped me.
  6. You can start by explaining what is the term digital currency, the purpose of its creation, and the areas of its use, but in later lessons you can talk about how it is made and the technology of blockchain and electronic wallets.
  7. The publications remain there to increase your experience in addition to the money that you earn Read the publications even if they have been years ago, we are here to exchange opinions to reach the best way to invest and trade.
  8. We will find that there is no knowledge except through education, as no human being is born knowing, but rather acquires his knowledge through education that he gets from any source.
  9. It's reminds me that I am human and am bound to make mistakes and sometimes when I do make mistakes its going to cost me dearly so its important to look for the right solution to everything and the best thing right now its to work as hard and make everything possible and right.
  10. That's why day by day reducing our good reputation and rating after create good post also. So it is really awkward and bad feelings for us. So i think moderator should change this rules. That's why day by day reducing our good reputation and rating after create good post also. So it is really awkward and bad feelings for us. So i think moderator should change this rules.
  11. This forums and we should avoid them more especially amongst newbies refrain from creating duplicate posts and always do research before submitting any topic to make sure it has not been published.
  12. A little knowledge about the world of cryptocurrencies in 3 days you can make your first 100 posts, you just have to not break the forum rules and make very good.
  13. So when a member giving react he should keep in mind that react on merit not for gaining 50 talk token a day. In this way you can help moderator to locate a spammer. Always give react with honesty.
  14. why crypto talk getting pay my post then i am acquiring knowledge in crypto currency. This forum prepares its member to a next level using their accumulated idea they learn from the past from posting
  15. That this option is good, but unfortunately sometimes it directs me to a readable topic for me and I do not know if this is a technical mistake I have or only everyone. It helps us a lot to know the topics that we covered before we all need.
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