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  1. I did not know this name before, but after reading this comment, i become curious to know more about this programmer and about the achievement he made in the fild of cryptocurrency in particular. He was born in 1975. He lives in the new york city of America. Bram chones is known as the author of the peer to peer computer.
  2. Thanks my friend, for this wonderful information in my opinion, i think that there will be no shortage of storage drives, but rather their price will only increase. This is a very good time to get a decent device, then at least one coin cannot be collect with this complexity, because the disk will penetrate fast.
  3. I have done my best to provide the information needed about the chia project to the audience and i hobe in future also, there will be completition like this in the forum. Dears what is this chia is this a token or something else can anybody explain to me and another thing is that there is notification.
  4. I think this cryptocurrency will have a bright future because it has a very strong project, but i don’t think it will be able to compete with bitcoin in the near future. I think it will take time to compete this coin with bitcoin and now it has low prices comparing to BTC because it has very high price and volume in market so do not compere it with BTC.
  5. Yes it can be very profitable. So if we hold our coin at that time when this price go high then we can sale and earn more profit. Not in all cases, it could be a very ugly thing, and it is possible to lose all your money. It is not good. You have to study the market well before entering into any business and investing in the long term. It is not easy.
  6. I feel very bad i think i cannot become greedy and hold coins for some days. If we make the withdrawal ar wrong address then i take decision that next time i check three time address for talking withdrawal, because i lose the $24 in this i am very conscious in case of withdrawal case. If lost some amount of money from faild trading. I will be sad i guess i used to work hard to earn those coins but it's normal on trading sometimes we get profit and make loses all i can do is be more carefull and focus on trading so it Won't happen again.
  7. No there is college i think there is some forums where you can earn your knowledge. If you are searching for any institutes in the real life then there is no such things because bitcoin is illegal in the most of the countries. But online there is a lot of blogs and social media and even this froum here.
  8. Indian government will make new policies to accept bitcoin as a medium of alternate for crypto in india. I think this is great news for all crypto lover from india as finally crypto is going to legalize and also country is going to make its own cryptocurrency like china and other countries.
  9. It is better to be on the ground as if you enter crypto markets dreaming of riches and find nothing that you expect then you will leave. And kick a big opportunity that is around the corner. Everything is possible, you just have to be very calm and work very hard and with intelligence in order to have good successes, you always have to have many cryptocurrencies saved to use them at some suitable time and later have good profits.
  10. We hope that fraud in the internet will be largely combated and get rid of frauds because it has become widespread in the internet in these years. Its good to know that he has been arrested and this is the great thing that who every try to do such illegal things should be punished always like we all know scammers are all around us they are present every where so thats why we all need to be very careful about this thing.
  11. These few days is actually the pay days for most stable coin. This little time that we are right now will definitely see bitcoin dropping and stable coin appreciating. I think that it would be a good idea for people using crypto currency to invest in these stable coins as their price might rise and Produce a lot of profit for those who invested.
  12. Hello, my friend it is a good idea to add other international language to the forum. It will be as positive for the forum as what the bitcointalk forum does. Yes i agree although english is mostly used, but there are surely plenty of people around who might not know how to write in english and prefer using their own language.
  13. I think the reason why government ban cryptocurrency because they cannot control or manipulate it, like what you said they can not charge tax on it. In our country. Isn’t it still illegal so far. Illegal but can still be accessed because crypto is not a threat to the country, insted crypto can be a bright future.
  14. It is difficult to convince someone who does not know the cryptocurrencies are profitable and enable you to make a lot of money if you do not have concrete evidence. I think then we have to show them actual evidence of crypto's realness. Like maybe by selling our crypto paypal or for a bank transfer.
  15. Yeah daily trading and investment can be way of earning. There is a way a person can earn money daily just buy trading for a day and investment and the process will be beneficial for the user. I think to trade with large coins analogus bitcoin is very profitable but is risk too, you can make only few trades perday and earn good amount trade with small coins and make multiple trades.
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