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  1. I think no. Yobit is one of the most trusted money exchange site in the world. So, I think it has no doubt to lose you money. On the site your money is always safe if your you use a verified email and a strong password. You have to activate 2fc verification for your security.
  2. Why not? I also wanna grow up with cryptotalk. I spent my time on it and try to create new post in every day. This is the best site of learning and also I can make money by creating 30 posts per day. I really enjoy doing work on this forum. It gives us many information about cryptocurrency.
  3. You can gain good reputation by creating good post and write good content. If you start creating good post then everyone will give you good reputation.When write a content the grammar in your post has to be right.If your post is logical then everyone will respond well to your post.
  4. There are several types of cryptocurrency exchange wallet but yobit is one of them.Yobit is a legit cryptocurrency exchange that offers privacy, slick interface, over 800 altcoins, engaged community, IEOs, security, low fees, games, and stellar platform performance. Even though the exchange is regulated in an offshore jurisdiction, it grants the exchange much-needed flexibility to navigate complex international crypto waters. As a result, YoBit remains a solid option for retail investors who are looking for a simple, secure, and fun cryptocurrency exchange with unparalleled service and a vast selection of both high and low cap crypto projects. As such, we grant the exchange a solid 4.5 out of max 5 points rating.
  5. Earning by airdrop is is an easy way to earn crypto currency without investment. An airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, usually for free, to numerous wallet addresses. Airdrops are primarily implemented as a way of gaining attention and new followers, resulting in a larger user-base and a wider disbursement of coins.
  6. You are absolutely right. We should not just look at income. If we post well or create new topics then automatically we received our income. So we have to creative and focus on creating good topics. We must be interested in learning and try best to create a content. Money will come automatically.
  7. I'm very very lucky to consider myself in this crypto world. In this forum I am enjoying doing my job. And I can earning from the forum. From the I can know many information about crypto currency. Besides I can discuss a topic with others easily and make new friends.I am very proud to find me in this forum.
  8. I think this is very useful topic for the beginners. Because many of us don't have too much bit knowledge about coin.For which many times it is difficult to recognize fake coins. Before invest you should always check the currency from the site.In this way it is possible to avoid huge losses.
  9. For beginners there is no right amount of investment. As a beginner you have to know about forum besides you must have to follow the rules of the forum.And then knowing the condition of the market you invest in small amounts first. Thus you can succeed
  10. For earning without investment free bitcoin is the best way. Because if you invest on a project there is a possibility of loss. But on earning free bitcoin you don't have to invest on it. Despite that you earn free bitcoin. Although you can earn a little amount but it is safe.
  11. Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of bitcoin. It's the name that was used to identify the owner. But no one knows who he really is. We don't even know if it's one person or a team. But several people have claimed themselves to be the creator. But none of them succeed to give any kinds of evidence.
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