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  1. It's always important to understand about a cryptocurrency before investment or any kinds of trading. Through this process one can be sure about doing good and informative posts. You have to be precise about a coin before taking any decisions. It isn't about senior members because it's about you. Just try to acquire the basic idea of learning and having faith in a currency.
  2. A coin is a free cryptocurrency that has it's own blockchain network fkr trading or selling. It doesn't have to depend on any other coins. But the prices are different for every coin. Ethereum ,Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. has unique blockchain technology. A token is a kind of crypto that doesn't have it's own blockchain technology for trading. It has to depend on the coins. It can never be free to do any transaction. As example Erc-20 token uses Ethereum network technology.
  3. In various website,we can see that a lot of people claim themselves as professional investor and trader. And they also offer good profits to them. Because of these offers,some beginners actually fell into their traps. So always be careful about these offers and scams. It's actually the basic way to scam the beginners. Always be aware of these ways.
  4. Most important thing about giving time is to give space to research about new and different things. Without research and gathering information, we cannot create any kinds of useful posts on the forum. That's why it's quite necessary to have some time. It also gives the opportunity to read the post properly. It's one of the best features of this forum.
  5. Thank you for clarifying the things more precisely to us. Because as we know that sometimes there's a lot of posts containing scam project links or fake information. It's good to report those posts. But no one should report any posts without any reason. That's why it's quite important to identify first what to report and what not to.
  6. It's not necessary that all the posts must get positive ratings. Because only the posts that are informative and useful gets good attention and as a result we get good reputation. But if a post is not useful we shouldn't give them negative ratings. Because I personally think it will break their heart. We can ignore those. The creator will eventually understand this and also try to improve his skills but negative marking demotivates an user.
  7. You are absolutely right about this. Because in this free quarantine time, we can think and research about a lot of topics of Crypto World. We can also do our work according to that and create some useful posts here on this forum. Every user should try to improve their skills on this forum. Even the creator of this post should work on writing in English because there's a lot of grammatical mistake there. It's high time we improved our skills.
  8. GM266

    ATM for bitcoins

    There's a lot of bitcoin ATMs are available in USA. All of these machines are used as similar as the money ATM. Also in other countries like Russia ,Dubai also have ATM of bitcoin. Country that are involved with cryptocurrencies projects or investment actually sanctioned these ATM machines for the uses of the users of crypto world.
  9. Maybe you don't know but the exchange platform was hacked in 2018. During that time,the hackers hacked around $540 million of NEM tokens from the exchanges. After that actually the Coincheck broke and the platform got closed. Now the site doesn't work as before and you should try to invest in other cryptocurrencies sites to earn or investment.
  10. It's a matter of sorrow that they don't try to understand the value of experience. As I am a newcomer here, I know whenever you get stuck you need to take advice from the experienced people who have spent a lot of time here on crypto world. Not all people are the same,same theory with the newcomers also. There's a lot of newcomers like me who came here to learn and earn.
  11. Thank you for your humble post. We are all here to earn money and get ourselves into the Crypto World. This is the most specific way to communicate with each other. The forum provides good opportunity to learn about the trading and investment projects about cryptocurrencies.We all ate really happy to be here and make the forum useful.
  12. Most of the time we see those posts that are quite about asking questions. On those posts we should answer with specific answers so that the user can easily find hid answers. Otherwise it's also possible to create new posts of good content so that the users actually can be benefited from the posts. That's how actually we can make the forum quite useful and that should be the reason to comment on posts.
  13. One of the most mandatory rule to survive here on this forum is to follow the rules of Cryptotalk. Because without following the rules, no one can actually stay here for a long time. Because breaking the rules will eventually bring warning points or banning. That's why it's quite necessary that we stick to the simple but important rule of following the rules as a newbie or as an expert user.
  14. The true meaning of using the tag is to make the search easier for you. It will also save you from the deletion of your posts. Because if the tag matches to any post that means there has been a similar posts created before. So putting tag in a right topic and in a right way is the most important thing here. Always try to learn this ability and it's totally explained in the orginal post. Make sure you use tag in all of your new posts.
  15. It's actually tough to tell. Because I have been using PayPal since 4 months. During this time, I never got to do any transaction over 300$. That's why I don't know how it will go if we transact large amount. But I guess that larger amount needs more safety and that's why they will mask some extra verification. The transactions that I made ,never needed ny confirmation.
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