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  1. I think the most accurate time is when the prices of the currency are low, then you invest the currency and when you see that the currency is high then you will trade the coins and this is the right time.
  2. I believe Interesting with crypto because on that time I have no job and money, from this world I can get it even in small amount make me happy. I still stand in here even red market still running I hope crypto will survive.
  3. I don't want to say anything bad about the Bangladesh government but the Bangladesh government should consider the economic situation of its people and acknowledge that cryptocurrency not only enhances the economy ..
  4. I think Yes it is very much manipulate in price of bitcoin yesterday we all expecting that btc goes to 10000$ but it dumped from 9130$ to 8500$ and now again dump in price so be careful.
  5. maybe I don't know but there must be intervals between each coins to survive base on their performance on supply and demand on the market making their rank higher each year. Centralized coins is likely to be regulated than the decentralized ones.
  6. I think the best way to avoid scams is to stay informed. There is a lot of information on the internet that can help us avoid losing our money, and these forums are an excellent option to learn about this subject. I have never particularly experienced this bad experience.
  7. I think India plans to make crypto but with the exact same value as their fiat. that means there is no big project behind it, or just make their currency digital only. so it won't have a big effect on the market ..
  8. This isnt big much reward but I think only few browser can offer this generosity I guess. Chrome is having a hard time also in maintaining their pace, remember how the forum shut got maintenance? Chrome users haven't load their profile hers correctly which includes mine..
  9. The world of this currency, maybe you can do business with it, but in my view Bitcoin is one of the coins that you can always keep in the number one position, because no coins that have been redeemed by these coins have come into the market till now. ..
  10. Cryptocurrency needs support to stay alive so do the miners. If no one does any transaction, miners will receive no reward and if they leave blockchain network, most crypto coins will collapse. My other hope is for bitcoin to revive again in 2020. I have invested in bitcoin..
  11. I think the best cryptocurrency to invest is bitcoin. Bitcoin is digital money that can be accessed digitally and it does not exist physically like gold and silver. Botcoin os the best because you can earn it here in free it is easily to convert.
  12. I think that what number of crypto are in marketplace as the push in cryptomarket is preserve on growing as new currencies are introducing occasionally but there are only a few who get famous and make their personal area in market, different emerge as useless due to their low quantity.
  13. I don't earn so much money mate but i earn just some money.. i earn 5$ last night mate.. how much do you earn last night? i don't trade so much last night cause i am little bit sick that's why i don't work so much and i miss this opportunity and miss earning so much money mate..
  14. Bitcoin has expanded day by day means that after ten years Bitcoin could be one million, that is, in 2030 we can see that Bitcoin has become one million because we are now seeing how expensive Bitcoin has become after ten years.
  15. Cryptotalk is giving us very decent amount of bitcoin satoshi and we feel joy when we get amount like this to our hardwork and every crypto lover really like this platform. Yobit is also giving its free claim.
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