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  1. First of all, I want to determine that if your aim is to be rich in this sector, it means that you have sunk before you even started. Now, with Bitcoin, the period of getting rich in a short time has ended, on the contrary, the period of falling into debtor position has started in a short time. On the other hand, expecting to be rich without knowing about this issue is just greedy.
  2. XRP is also trying to lose value and lose power in the eyes of investors. Especially outside of the last decline period, being a constantly depreciating currency and being a decentralized cryptocurrency suggests that XRP should definitely be avoided.
  3. Yes, we need cryptocurrencies that have the principle of confidentiality and used in this direction. If such crypto currencies were not available and all crypto currencies were followed, crypto currencies would have no difference from today's banking system. These kinds of cryptocurrencies are needed for people to hide their assets and their savings.
  4. The situation you're talking about is a really good thing. It must be a good feeling to make money with a capital that does not belong to you. It is a great pleasure not to drop this capital further below the current starting balance. I would like to congratulate you for these successful and profit margin transactions.
  5. This is actually something we all know. The big investors we call the whale usually prefer to set these traps to finish the money of small investors and to earn that money. This is actually something we are used to in all areas of the economy and in every market, but it is easier to control prices in the cryptocurrency markets.
  6. I can give you two different suggestions to increase your trading income. My first suggestion would be to increase capital, as I have written in my previous messages, and as predictable. Your earnings will increase in direct proportion as more capital will provide more trading opportunities. My second suggestion would be to make short-term transactions by making detailed analyzes and to earn income from these transactions.
  7. Bitcoin price isn't actually too expensive. The amount that is formed on demand or that the investor is willing to pay is actually real value. If we look at the prices that change instantly, today's price is the price that more investors are willing to pay.
  8. I think the Monero project you mentioned will increase and will be much more valuable in the future. I think that being one of the best and most successful projects in the field, it will make Monero more valuable in the coming days.
  9. Yes, thanks to me, I have friends who have met and invested in cryptocurrencies. Especially the investments of a few of my friends who are among this group of friends have very high values.
  10. Unfortunately for Ripple, it is very difficult to comment on the future of the bull market for a long time. As long as the team is constantly selling, we cannot say that the bull period has come for Ripple.
  11. Depending on the attack or the amount of money stolen, it will of course affect the price. We can think of the event as follows; With the stolen Bitcoins, a new supply is created in the market and with the selling pressure, the price starts to move downwards.
  12. The minimum amount of money you will set to trade is entirely up to you. However, when determining this amount, you should know that many services withdraw money from transactions, and minimum amounts are not given in them. Depending on your budget for the services we will use, you can set this limit.
  13. I strongly advise you not to send money and inform the nearest police station. I also recommend that you change the Antivirus program on your computer if it is available, or watch an antivirus program on your computer if it is not available. I do not want to pass without stating that if you make that payment, you will not get rid of a single payment, and it will definitely ask for more.
  14. Undoubtedly, the price of Bitcoin will increase incredibly by the end of this year. but I do not think this rate of increase will be doubling. my expectation is still close to this rate and I expect an increase of 80% higher than today's prices.
  15. Unfortunately, even though many warning messages have been written and announced about this subject, there are still people who are still bleeding into these false channels and false social media accounts. In this way, it is very important to check the sharing channel or social media account before clicking on the links shared by channels or accounts.
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