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  1. right on the spot... those OGs that were always around developing quality topics and meaninfull posts seem to be missing and it is understandable... this is making the forum less interesting for people wanting to do anything else than spamming their way to payment
  2. It is crazy right? it might be 100/s of posts missing and we don't even know how many... I think that besides the deletedposts, several topics were moved to non-paying sections, and suddely the posts made under those topics stopped counting... I had the same problem before, and managed to get back on the paying side, but now I also have the same problem since the 14th and I am tired of this... a new member comes here and only has to do 100 posts to start earning... I have been contributing since the forum had 256 members... a highly unfair situation ... It is hard to keep up when posts/topics keep on dissapearing or being moved and you don't even know how many... I was loving this concept and the work of these guys, but now the situation got really unfair... maybe that's why I haven't seen so many older users posting anymore
  3. I think that the point is the meaning of "interesting" is different for everyone... it really depends if it helped you, if the idea is interesting to you, if you have learnt something from it, etc... But you are also right as the reputation/interesting points are sometimes given lightly... but it is just the way it is when the user number grows... many people might even fail to completely understand the point of that feature... We must look at these points with prespective
  4. I am sorry, but there is something I would like to ask regarding topics that are moved to non-paying sections, are the posts made under these topics still accounted for payment ? Because if these posts suddenly stop counting because they were moved, I think the situation is highly unfair because when the posts were made, these were under paid sections of the forum... Older users that are participating and promoting discussion for longer are the ones getting behind due to all the forum cleanup because they were here since the beginning and before sections were rearranged... any new user just has to do 100 posts.... some of the older contributers have to do hundreds... how does this discourage spamming and promotes worthy contribution?
  5. I was also pleased like you are now... but in time you'll find that with all the deleted posts and the topics that are moved to non-paying sections will start to get you crazy as payment will stop and you will not know how many posts you need to do until it returns... Be carefull about the non-paying sections and watch out for topis that might be moved there
  6. That is it, crypto is not only about digital money, it is also about blockchain and the way we can change everything in our lives, like voting, buying stuff, appliyng for social aid, etc.... I think this is the base for our future as society
  7. yeah, also don't know if it is allowed or not, but if you delete the old one it should be possible. Anyway, have you solved your problem or got any new info? I'm still not being paid, but I have also a lot to do in the meantime so I haven't been posting that much
  8. It has become a chaotic world... it is really hard to find trustable info... scammers and loosers are killing themselves, as people are starting to look only at the top coins for investment and considering all the others as very high risk investment... this will help to clean the market
  9. Maybe people will look at it that way... but it is a wrong assessment... we need to look at the market cap, not price... As for tech, I really like Tron... it seems to be one step ahead from the rest but with all news about the ETH 2.0 launch, it is difficult to know how it is going to roll ...
  10. It will be solved temporarily. I had this same problem at the 9th, then I've made posts on the following days and at the 12th I started to get more payments... last one was at the 14th, then they've stopped again. Probably some more topics were moved or deleted... and I guess this will keep on happening. From 12-14th I had to do a lot more than 30 to get the 30... So there is no point in keep on posting without knowing what happened... it might even be easier to set up a new account and delete the old one and it may very well be a difference of more than 100 posts
  11. The problem is the same as I have and everyone else has... when they move a topic to a non paying section , all the posts in there stop counting for payment, and as you were already paid for those, you will now have to post more posts to compensate for those... It is nonsense because if the topic was on a paid section since a long time, posts made in there should be paid, even if they decide to move the topic
  12. I have had the same problem 10 days ago and now I am not getting paid again since the 14th... I think they are moving/deleting topics and posts and then we have to keep posting to compensate... it is ridiculous that there is no way for us to know how much got deleted/moved.... Besides, these guys are trying to get this clean, but in the end I think they are failing to do it because if they dleete/move more that 100 posts it will be easier to set up a new account and forget about the old one (this is maybe why the rule changed from 50 to 100) All I know is that people with sig campaign on BTT forum keep on earning and calling people here.... than rules/count keeps changing everyday
  13. Nowadays starting own projects will need above everything else a great use-case that is actually needed and not yet made/started. The problem is that most projects are redundant pr actually not needed and it is becomming increasingly difficult to find people that believe in them (both team and investors)
  14. When you find a job on a normal company, you are paid in fiat to preform that job, no matter if you are crazy about the company or not, so receiving in project coin is good, but it is not essential. I know first hand how these things work, and the best people on the market only accept BTC/ETH/fiat/etc... of course that there are other good people around and there is also the matter of giving fresh opportunities to newcommers that might surprise you... but it is not easy
  15. I'm into the same thing, living from nature... I really hope the bull run comes and helps in our quests... but usually when I'm waiting for something, it just doesn't happen... I don't want to be rich... just have enough to stop being a slave to money
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