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  1. they are experts in controlling a large population... and they are getting ready to expand their control to digital finances... but make no mistake, in my oppinion, the chinese government will repeat past doings in order to maintain control, HK can't be allowed to triumph 😞
  2. That's what I was going to say πŸ˜› They'll create their own digital asset (doing it, like you said), controlled by the state, that should be enforced to the huge Chinese market, while the rich retain their holdings in BTC as a global store of value... They centralize mining hardware production and so they are already on a very good position
  3. I don't think it will be long... if BTC prices spike and people start hearing about it, they will also start to want to use it... so, for large commercial chains it will make sense to accept digital money as well as fiat... more business the better BTC price will also need to get a bit more stable for things to run smoothly on adoption...
  4. In my counrty there was no official statement about Libra, but being in the EU and looking at what France and Germany said, I believe it will also be banned I also have serious doubts about if it will actually launch... seing too much hesitations around it, maybe it was all about initial hype
  5. Also have some qubix token but don't know anything about it. I've googled it and got no hits... Due to the 103BTC needed to move the market I also think it won't be easy for it to move anywhere, but I'll leave it there and be pacient, maybe someday it will be worth something... πŸ™‚ there where people buying it at 1 sat, so who knows
  6. nice topic, and your signature is great πŸ™‚ I'm one of those guys that doesn't want a lot more that it already has, just the peace of mind to know that I wouldn't have to work for any boss one more day of his life and that I could travel or buy something I would like or need... don't need to be rich, just have a nice bag πŸ˜‰ and maybe get to cooperate in some society changing crypto project to help change the world for better
  7. Interesting point... rollbacks have historically been heavily criticised and there are only very few times in which teams got away with it without damaging the project, even when motivated by tackling thieves (ethereum is a good example of this) rollbacks affect the immutability feature of the blockchain and if the project does not assure this point it will become worthless as cryptocurrency
  8. yes, this is also a very important point... chosing a good point of entry should keep you safer ... sometimes it is best not to invest in some coin than to buy it at a price that is historically higher than your target price never buy when it is rising, FOMO is a powerfull enemy
  9. For me there is no time limit for holding... it depends mostly if I believe that the project is going anywhere... if the project is good and the team keeps on working there is no problem in keep holding and give them time to build a decent product... but eyes need to be wide open and a lot of times you make the wrng choice πŸ˜‰
  10. in my country you can use it with no problems unless you are connected with any illegal activity, and in that case it won't matter if you are using Fiat or crypto but there aren't that many places or persons that accept crypto in deals... don't know if there is even any BTC ATM anywhere
  11. it really depends on the coin. If we are talking about a newly launched coin, it really depends on your analysis of the investment, but the risk is always high price of a coin depends on many things, and you can't rely only on price to make your decisions... cryptocurrencies is a high risk investment, don't forget it
  12. This is very true, a lot of people are emotional about their investments, they get connected to the project and this usually results in disaster. - if the project goes down and the investor refuses to accept loss and move on, it might loose everything - if it is time to take profit and there is resistance to sell - it it grows fond of the coin almost as a collectible coins are digital, they don't look back at you 😁
  13. as far as I can tell, I'll be saving in all my Christmas expenses so that I can hold my crypto for longer... it really does not seem that we'll have a bull Christmas, so I think we are too close to give up now sometime BTC will have to start boosting and we just need to hold as long as possible until that happens
  14. As much safe as we might think we are, there will always be a chance for hackers to get our private keys... this is why we should always store them off line and in at least 2 different locations... I just love the good old paper... no hacker can get it unless it physically gets his hands into it... but paper has it's risks like fire or water...so think it through and keep safe
  15. I also think you are asking for too much per post, sorry , but this is also my oppinion... if you want to try to sell your services at those prices you need to offer some warranties that the marketing made by you would be more successfull than the marketing made through cheaper bounty hunters maybe your followers are more effective than average in buying services you promote?
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