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  1. Thank you for sharing this, i think ill be watching this next week since its my off to my job, i hope new movies are also here like jumanji. but still thank you again for sharing this kind of stuff.
  2. If you are holding a large amount of coins, then blockchain is really good because block chain security is really invulnerable to hackers, and if you are looking for a wallet that is untouchable then hardware wallets are good too.
  3. Most of the new comers or newbies in this forum really dont care about the rules, what they all just want is to already started earning. and if they read the forum rule's they can understand what to do and not to do in this forum.
  4. Being scared at trading is natural, most of those successful trader's actually face this kind of dilemmas, but if you overcome this fear you have inside you. you will grow day by day and maybe in the future be successful too.
  5. To be said this is true, some other countries already have crypto atm machines, i hope soon this coming years, in all country, crypto atm machines will be launch too. this is a good stepping stone for crypto, because it's being accepted in other country.
  6. Mobile wallets advantages are yes it was comportable and you can bring it outdoor, unlike online wallets you need to open it in your personal computer, and also mobile wallets are so easy to use.
  7. Choosing right coin can really help you to earn profit from the future, but it's really hard to choice which coin is having the most potential of all, but i am so sure the best coin to invest or buy right now is BITCOIN. because in this coming years bitcoin value will be higher.
  8. It's really hard to tell which exchange is the most member in telegram, because day by day a lot of people are joining each exchange. but i think kucoin right now is having the most member's in telegram.
  9. Well short term is riskier than long term because in short term, you are not sure or not guaranteed if you are going to earn because in short term you dont really know if the coin is really gonna pump.
  10. In this forum making multiple accounts and logging in into same IP address, its really againt's to the rule of this forum, or at worse you might banned here. but i think in yobit you can make multiple accounts i guess.
  11. In crypto i dont really care or count my lost, when i lost in a trade, instead of having a moment or being dissapoint, i used it as a motivation to achieve more in crypto. other people who loss a lot are just always giving up.
  12. Well this kind of sites are likely to be scam, so instead of trying this kind of stuff, it's better to ignore it. this is such a waste of time, well even at first they paid you, later on when they get your trust and they will start to fraud you.
  13. Sport betting is profitable if you are winning, so if you are good at this then this will really profitable for you. but if your bad at this then this kind of gambling is really bad for you i guess.
  14. Well i think its really good to hear but, for me i am not really get hyped when coins are pumping because most of them are really manipulated. so for me instead of getting into those pumping coins i invest on investbox.
  15. Yes, bitcoin right now is falling. but don't panic because bitcoin's value will be more higher in this coming years, maybe this christmas, and if that happens all your patience will be paid out. right now just be patient.
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