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  1. Each exchange has differences and trading rules are not always the same. Mostly I use trusted exchanges. Had a bad experience with the Bcnex exchange recently. In the beginning, everything started well and the project looked promising. But then the team stopped responding and many users lost their deposits. New exchanges should be used with caution.
  2. I conduct monitoring very often. About five times a day, sometimes more. When there is free time. I also often go to exchanges and look at orders. Investments require frequent monitoring.
  3. I don’t think the impact of the CORONA crisis is very strong. I think that the rise of cryptocurrency is the influence of people who are more and more interested in technology.
  4. I have been using all your advice for a long time. You have to be very careful these days. I also don't keep all assets in one wallet. I use several for different cryptocurrencies and a little on exchanges. Well-known and proven exchanges for trading.
  5. Nothing will happen to us. Save up cryptocurrencies, especially BTC. Expand your portfolio and invest in different coins. In the future, you will see that all of this was helpful and forward-looking. Good luck to all colleagues.
  6. Weird question. Of course you feel disappointed. But do not despair, it is better to think about how to get your assets back. Understand where mistakes were made, analyze and so on. The most important thing in my opinion is not to risk all your assets. And trade different cryptocurrencies on different exchanges. Thus, try to reduce the risks.
  7. Yes they do. A friend of mine, when I showed and explained everything to him, also started doing bounty. The second one started with a bounty, and now he is trading on the stock exchange. They believed me.
  8. As you have been advised, this is of course trading. But this is a complex business and takes a lot of time and investment. This is work on yourself in the first place. Secondly, training and technical analysis. Another important aspect is quick decision making and psychological balance.
  9. If we talk about making money in bounty companies, then you won't earn much on social networks. Only if you learn the news from the world of cryptocurrencies. Personally, I love Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  10. I agree that it is very interesting and develops your mental abilities. Analysis and practice in my good self-development, tough decisions and risky investments give me a little adrenaline. But you must be very careful with this and do not play with large amounts. Otherwise, you may be very sorry. And yes, panic is the very last thing that should happen to you in an investment.
  11. I buy and sell a lot of different altcoins. I won't say that I am an experienced trader, but I have some skill. Basically, I exchange tokens of various bounty projects for coins from the top thirty. Then I trade them on several exchanges and I withdraw what I gain from trading in fiat when money is needed.
  12. For me, this is not the main income. But if you make it basic, you will have to devote a lot of time. Also need a investment to let to start trading on the stock exchange. Thinking out loud. Do not stop developing in the world of cryptography. If you stop, then you will lose time. Time is a valuable thing. Without investing and developing yourself, you cannot achieve what you have planned.
  13. Withdraw from the stock exchange Yobit its assets in another coin. For example, low fee cash withdrawal - TRX, LTC, DOGE and other coins. BTC and ETH at the moment high interest on the issue. This is the best option because of the high commission not only on the exchange Yobit.
  14. The name of the books you listed are easy and accessible read? But you have not specified the authors of these works. Threads where we discuss the literature to enhance the experience in the field of trade at stock exchanges has always interested me. It will definitely help a novice trader, but the reality looks a bit different. I think only practice will help you master this business.
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