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  1. We can't prediction about which one altcoin replace for bitcoin at the future, maybe have one altcoin next year get many investor have higher price could be replace of bitcoin, today still not have altcoin can replace bitcoin position, Bitcoin only one coin have higher price so far, many altcoin have lower price its why they can't replace of bitcoin.
  2. The current market status for whatever reason can also affect the Altcoins. Cryptocurrencies market will also modify the price, so you should invest in time and appropriate allocation. If you feel that investing in Altcoins is too risky, then basically invest in two media coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  3. Previously, I told everyone that all altcoins depend on bitcoin. I don't think so now. Look at the market, bitcoin stands still, and projects on new blockchains are developing and again give investors money. I think that bitcoin is gradually becoming less interesting investment.
  4. There are many airdrops nowadays . Some companies that are new in blockchain and cryptoworld make an airdrop so that their project become popular. But since airdrop are free tokens some dont have yet value until the project become successful.
  5. bitcoin opportunities for exceptional small enough. the dominance of bitcoin is quite high from coinmarketcap and over half of that is. bitcoin is like the center of ideas from many of the coins that appear and when it succeeds it will happen also in other major change to crypto.
  6. my vote fell on Binance Coin, Ethereum, Dash, and Bitcoin SV. These four Altcoins are very good if you buy now and currently, the price is still affordable for small investors. Binance Coin and Bitcoin SV are the ones I recommend most to buy now because in the next few years the price is predicted to be high.
  7. Airdrops are not much profitable as it used to be in the past years and not worth time. Gone are the days that airdrops were paying much even upon a single sign up but not anymore even though some airdrops are still paying but it takes a lot of time and research to come across such profitable airdrops off late. Currently, airdrop are not profitable and not worth my time.
  8. Ya know, going back to the beginning of this thread, it never ceases to amaze me how many folks are compelled to beat around the bush..... The user asked which coin would be most profitable for mining.... Just answer the god damn question for f**k sake! There was no mention of buying anything, the question was about "mining".
  9. Well I have experience in both stock market and bitcoin, the main huge difference between them is risk level, in stock market there is much more risk than bitcoin, and the profit level is little bit high in bitcoin, so if you have investment you better invest on bitcoin, in stock market it is every difficult to find profitable shares and if you do not find shares the make profit then your money will lost.
  10. True investing in bitcoin is big profit gain but need time especially at this moment. Price went down from ATH and next is speculated to be by the time of next halving this is long term investment ans as such you cao only wait nothing more. Or try to invest in ICO also high profit cut high risk with them.
  11. Patience is very important in trading. You have to be willing to wait for the right time to buy when the price is low. You also have to recognize when there is a bubble or spike in price to sell for a decent profit. You also have to pay attention to price trends and charts for any coins you want to trade, pay attention to news event to better understand the price momentum and direction.
  12. Trading can help you in making lot of money but at the same time, it is quite riskier job to do as you can lose a lot of your money in no time because of one wrong move. I will suggest you not to go for trading unless you are pretty much confident that you will be able to make some very good profit. It will be more profitable for you if you go for holding of some good coin for longer time.
  13. yes I think the investment you have is one of the altcoins that has great potential in the future, in my opinion like eos, xlm and neo they are potential altcoins, and it's one of my favorite altcoins besides ethereum. I am very confident that they will provide big profits for long-term investment.
  14. Even with the change of algorithm, I still doubt that botnet miners will stop find a way to make it again possible. This is a great development though which I think will last for long. Let's just hope that XMR devs be consistent on what they are doing to prevent this kind of inequality mining. I wonder how many coins they manage to mine before this change of algo happened.
  15. I guess the bull run will happen this year, usually there's a big positive effect in the market when people are speculating compared to what happen after the even took place. The price has been increasing now and this I believe a start of a bullish run, I really think we are close, just one big push and we will be there. A new high would probably trigger a new bull run, and I think the new high will be broken soon.
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