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  1. To increase income in yobit dear there is lot of methods available such as trading, investing, mining, exchanging, yopony and v mining etc. Dear in my opinion the best method for increasing payment on yobit is first investing in yobit investbox they give us lot of profit and the second one is trading we can also earn a lot of profit by trading crypto coins.
  2. My dear friend I never get hacked from any exchange because I never use those exchanges which are not trusted and secure. Dear my friend account of an exchange wallet is get hacked by hacker in telegram. Then the hacker steal all his bitcoins and change his account password also.
  3. Yes dear off course blockchain is a wallet. we can save our cryptocurrencies in this and we also use them for deposit or withdraw of our money it allow all bitcoin transaction. Dear you can find more about it on here web by writing blockchain.com in your browser.
  4. My dear friend there are so many simple mistakes in investing of cryptocurrencies that may lose most of your money. But dear investing in crypto without proper knowledge and experience is a huge risk for us and in result we lose our money and also risk in investing is that we invest a coin which is not profitable for us in future so it is also not good for us we always invest popular coins.
  5. Dear no one know about this that satoshi nakamoto is still alive or not because no one found the new of his death. Because he never share his perosnal information with anyone he is still active in crypto world at the year 2010 but after that no one know where he go and no one exectly knows about him.
  6. Dear no one know how long bitcoin will live and we get profit from him. But if we imagine with it demand then I think it will exist long time. But for now we never know exact about that this is still exist or not or some new system is introduce which take his place.
  7. Dear @Bazil first of all welcome you on this wonderful forum I am also want to become a freelancer and try this hope I will successful soon. Dear it is good that you start work on crypto you gain a lot of profit with crypto by trading or investing. This forum is also helpful for us to earn a good amount.
  8. Dear everyone first and foremost fear before investing first time in crypto is that they lose their most of money if they invest. Dear if we invest and we fail at our first attempt then we never try again and not face to lose our money one more time this is the thing that never make us profitable because if we keep try again then we achieve our goal at one time and then we recover easily our losses.
  9. Yes dear everyone want to rich and spend a good and peacefully life. So, for good life all we know that money is important. So, dear everything in the world is possible they just need our efforts and time if we work with our mind and work hard and spend more time on that work then we do it one day.
  10. Dear I really not about this that why all countries not accept bitcoin but dear I think because these countries are worries if they make the use of cryptocurrencies is legal then their own currency value may get down and they not increase in future.
  11. I don't think dear if there is no exchange available then crypto keep run. In this situation the crypto stop working further and may be totally close because crypto depend on the exchanges no one control it. May be in future there is any type of physical coin available which run without exchange.
  12. Yes dear you think right this forum is really cool forum because the rules is same for all type of members new or old. I really love to work on this forum. This forum is also strict about their rules if someone break their rules then they take a strict action on it and give you warning points in result of this or sometime get your account banned.
  13. Dear no one tell you about exactly which coin is best for in future for buying because no one know what happen in future as the imagine the price of the bitcoin getting high on daily I think it is best or also Ethereum coin and litecoin are also best because there demand and prices are increase gradually.
  14. Dear no one know about that how much time payment has stopped. But dear don't lose heart it is temporary and our payment will return soon so keep working and be patience. When the payment is open you receive a notification in this forum for about this so don't worry and just working.
  15. Dear welcome on this wonderful forum. Dear there are lot of methods of earning money without investment but working on this forum is the best way to earn without any investment you can do only publishing useful topics or comments on others topics and earn money in this way without any investment. So dear keep working on this platform for better earning.
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