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  1. my friend hope one day crypto will be a very popular site in the world. Majority of my friends are work in crypto. We are now realize cryptocurrency have a lot of advantage that we not found fiat currency that's why people are joining at crypto world. my mind that very soon cryptocurrency becomes the currency of the world.
  2. If you have read about experts advice regarding crypto market they always said to trade in good times of a year. The day ahead is coming, we who are business people can be very profitable. I think bitcoin price is very low if we buy for long term trading, so we can make good profits.We should hold bitcoin for long term because it is just starting of crypto.
  3. Firstly we must follow rule and get motivated hardwork is also compulsory thing to get success we should work hard. This is very good topic we are learning everyday in our life so that this is very good and trusted site in the world so that there are many people work. We have to learn from our mistakes and never make those mistakes in order to be successful. This life is not easy. We have to work very seriously.
  4. My friend we have the crypto world section which is really good for having a discussion about cryptocurrency and blockchain. I have always wanted older members would help newbies and inexperienced people. I learned here different things that I can use in different transactions in cryptoworld. this forum warrants you everything worked perfectly.
  5. I think that the use of crypto is very good, especially in times of this pandemic as transactions can be made easily and effortlessly without having to come into contact with anyone or physically exchange money. I think the government should inform peoples about cryptocurrencies and their profit. on this past few weeks and the price of btc is rising. The Cryptocurrency was slowly adopting by the world. And it will be more useful on the future. The use of digital currencies or cryptocurrencies worldwide is very much popular in the developed countries.
  6. My friend I can collect a lot of money in the portfolio that will benefit me in my studies and in my personal expense. I can earn more crypto currency through my website. They are now replacing other companies with advertisements. You can earn from your website, but how much traffic do you have in your website before you will even think of making money from it.
  7. The price of digital currencies and the price is now very low, but I think the price will start to grow to reac. This epidemic that has hit the world has led to freezing business and trade and a lot of important economic matters. That crypto currency has an aversion. That is now happening with the crypto currency. This may be due to the Corona virus because the Corona virus.
  8. Cryptotalk is an excellent source for learning, which we can capitalize upon to earn either knowledge or money. If we have knowledge we can earn more money.this forum is a sourceb of learning knowledge is important to become successful. We have a job or daily work and we must spend it and think about learning and gaining knowledge for the future. The more we learn it is the better for our profits.
  9. Trading is another form of investment use your time to upskill your incoterms knowledge. Most of the country have they current restrictions. If you have proper knowledge about trading then you can start it. Trader is person who trade currency. If they finds some problems they will find your topic helpful for them. Trading means the buying and selling of crypto currencies and sell at a later time.
  10. This gives us a life set up with not to much documentation to invest our earning. We earn money from the cryptotalk and the money we get from it was its cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is an electronic and intangible currency and many people use it to earn a living or win money through trading. Cryptocurrency is the type of currency which a form of digital money.
  11. My friend I trust numerous individuals propel by your post. If you are a newbie then just try to work out things and do hard work to achieve your reputation. This ia very good approach and very good motivation to all crypto members and especially bigginers. If our friends in the forum have a problem then we should help of them. We should work hard than the previous work and have Hope of being successful.
  12. My friend you should try to follow the rules and publish useful and informative posts, so that others get useful information from them and in return they will definitely give you positive react. The forum which people can read and understand easily. If we publish our articles according to the rules of the forum, obviously we will have positive. We must respect and appreciate everyone, as this leaves a positive and beautiful impact for people evaluations.
  13. They will just pay you at first just to attract more inveators but when they collected many money they will be gone. It is very impossible for that to sustain their profit offered. There is no way a website will double your money without something shady being involved. I new on this world I loss manu btc. I have no idea of doubler site. it will surely take away all your money in instant because their is no way that we can earn in just waiting.
  14. Dear friend, I hope you are well. I wish you all the best. I hope you are enjoying the first time. However, in relation to this major, you want to know what is the reason for banning your account here, which is what I want to say first. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items. And accordingly you have to work in this forum and you should never copy someone's question by mistake. And if you don't answer your question, you may lose your account, so you should always keep this in mind
  15. Dear friend, I totally agree with your position because the person who writes on this subject must be knowledgeable and experienced. If he gives the correct answer, he will definitely get a positive reaction from there and if Who rejects them in their own interest by giving a reaction to any post except the necessary post. It is very important to identify and cancel from the forum because they are trespassing.
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