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  1. My friend, the English language is a universal language that we use in all areas of life, whether in job interviews or if we were in, that is, a foreign country. This platform only we have to know english to communicate with other country. This language is much important to communicate with your teachers friends .l want to learn enough English through this forum. If we know the English language, we can run our international business. So it is very important.
  2. The form is running greatly but some time i am also shocked on my posts deleted because i do not chose topic randomly.i take my time and then respond on it. it is best to reply to the posts that have a concrete statement and helpful things like guides and tips. If you see posts that already exists and you see again that is only publish a while ago, then don't pic that topic because eventually that topic will get deleted. I post and where and seem to be getting many less deleted now. if you need specific rules there's a topic.
  3. If you have something little about online trading in shares, commodities, coin then you can earn more than $ 1000. you have to do research about it that in which market you have to enter and do study. creating referral systems, working withaffiliate programs, traffic arbitrage, this is among the best profitable areas for me, despite the presence of many profit methods, as you can now get more than $ 1000 and this depends. you must invest a lot of time to earn a good amount that is worth it, otherwise you lose time and earn.
  4. I just hope that yobit will keep adding new coins like stellar and make new exciting programs. Yobit exchange is very popular exchange, we can trust this exchange, and we invest big money in this exchenge and profit. I feel more comfortable to use it. I can easily exchange coin from yobit. is a good exchange for us to earning and sharing ideas about cryptocurrency.
  5. There are so many wallets in the online world that I think the best is the trust wallet I use.Its security system is very good and editing in Google Play Store is very good. People who have downloaded it very well use it very easily, so I like it too, Moreover you can easily trade your Bitcoin or other coins in this wallet with your card.
  6. Advantages in mobile apps: The advantage of mobile apps is that from here you can do your activities very easily and in shortcuts and their menu color is different and everything has different functions for understanding so it is very easily available. Disadvantages of mobile apps: The problem with mobile apps is that there is no guarantee. Especially since there are many online sites that have been operated by Google or other browsers if you have not read the login home. Then this online browser Google will help you in many things but you will not get any guarantee of mobile apps. Mobile apps will not work at any time. Maybe but I think it will work very well if you do it from browser
  7. I agree with you friend this corona time office-court everything was closed during the epidemic our site was not closed. This means that it is a very good site and people can easily earn money from here. I am proud to work in this forum because here I can achieve as well as learn. I am working as a part time job as a student,We have benefited a lot financially from this site as it has been a huge benefit to us in this epidemic.
  8. Friend, you are right because you focus on your work, so it is the best work. I think it is because you work hard by not disturbing others unnecessarily. And success in driving others away,The real personality is to succeed in one's work without worrying about others.
  9. Dear friend, as we all know, the best exchanger of all time is bainace.Exchanger It is known as a very good singer, and it is much less exchanger you can trade bitcoin and change the development very easily,Moreover, the rating of Google Play Store is much better and the download is much higher. This means that it is known as a popular one, but there are many types of exchangers in the online world. And beware of them because there are many scams that can snatch like you. Therefore as the best bainance as an exchanger. I know this and another changer is very well known as a team the exchangeer .
  10. Dear friends you may know that the current situation is that the demand for Bitcoin was first discovered in 2009 and it gradually became so much in demand that it reached a record high in 2021 and its price became much higher at around 41,700 the dollar, however, the coins you mentioned are not generally known,I have no idea about this coin but since you said it is better not to buy it because it could be Coin run by their own website,So there is no guarantee here but it is your personal matter if you are trading it is your personal matter,However, I would suggest that it is better not to go around with this coin because there is no certainty as to when it will leave in a hurry.
  11. Dear friend, before you made this comment, it was done on November 21, 2019. It seemed to you that you have mentioned one xrp litcoin, Ethereum Bitcoin, etc., but according to him, in 2021, I would like to say that the price of 2021 coins has gone upThree to four times the price was only 9 thousand dollars then but in the current 2021, the price of Bitcoin has reached 41 thousand 700 dollars,Bitcoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies of the year and one of the best ever.
  12. Dear friend, in 2019, the price of Bitcoin as well as Eth was much lower but in the current 2020, the price of Bitcoin as well as Ethereum Coin is much lower,The price was low but in the current month of December 2020, the price has gone up a lot, The price of Bitcoin has reached 41,500, $and the price of Etherium has gone up to a maximum of 21 21. This means that if you buy Bitcoin or Etherium in 2019. Then maybe today he would have a lot of money, so we should give priority to these issues and it is to the country and the state It would have taken a lot further and the state would have improved a lot financially.
  13. Dear friend, Bitcoin is one of the current digital currencies but it is one of the best in the world,It has gained a lot of reputation as a digital currency and has contributed a lot financially because you have seen that last year the price of Bitcoin was only 9 to 10 thousand dollars, which means that the price of a Bitcoin in one year has gone up to about 41 thousand dollarsIf you want to develop your country economically then you have to legalize everything by issuing these and the coin market,Currency needs to be given priority as it can reach a country's economic situation very quickly.
  14. Friend I agree with you is a must for success. Your patience, knowledge and intellect are all complementary to each other, so it is necessary to end your life by using your patience and success to the best of your ability. I saw that the price of Bitcoin in 2014 was only 100 $ but now I have seen that it has reached 41,500$. That means if you agreed at that time, you could go far today.
  15. Dear friends, I would like to inform you beforehand that the harder you work, the harder you work and the more you will not be able to succeed, so you must work hard and if you want to be in this forum, you need to post more,If you work hard, you will get better results later,You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
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