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  1. This sis really goo , i wish you all the best in your project , but i think is better to the share your question here because when someone answer you , that make the opportunity for the other people to know new information , , o think is good , because we don’t know all the answers for all questions but this will make us know it.
  2. Logo ou cryptocurrency is important because is this make people when the see the logo , they know this is for bitcoin or ETH or any other coin , and this is important , for example logo of Apple is playing a really important role in marketing of the product of apple, the same things for cryptocurrency .
  3. I don’t now this because i don’t face any problem like this is this forum , the page loading fast with any problem , i think is a problem in your connection internet , but crypto talk i don’t think so.
  4. Yes maybe it will , but showing the green color this is not mean that will rise with a great pourcentage , this is need to analyze the price in the market carefully, and also you have to read the news to know what will happen.
  5. This is a great new , because when the big country like Germany support cryptocurrency , this is encouraging the other countries to do the same , and this will make many people trust cryptocurrency and investing in it , and this will growing this world of cryptocurrency.
  6. I don’t heard about cryptocompare before , but i use coin market cap because for me is the best exchange when i can see the right price of any coin i want and also i can analyze the price from it with a good quality , so for me coin market cap is the best for le.
  7. 1 _ is mean you don’t comment in this topic before . 2 _ is mean you are already comment in this topic . this is the only way to know if you post in the topic or not.
  8. No the reputation is not effect the rank , but i think the reputation is just to know that the person is make a good topic and useful topic , and members like what he do , so this man have many good reputation , i think use case for reputation .
  9. I think this a way for this forum to make money , maybe this forum do this ads , and do the referral to earn , but im not sure , i want to know how this forum earn money .
  10. Yes you said right , all of us facing this problem , many of our topic and post deleted , and we don’t know what the reason to fixe this problem . I read many topics how to fixe this problem but unfortunately is still deleted , and i don’t know what i have to do to fixe this problem.
  11. For me when i read the topic i just sharing my opinion and i sharing my knowledge with people , I don’t see the other comment , but sometimes I read the comment because is o learning for it too.
  12. For me, i think because we don’t have a great informations to sharing it, and make people learn from our topic , when I know an information and i want to share it , the topic deleted because is already like this topic was posted , for that i don’t make a topic , and also i have an other reason is my language , i don’t speak English good , so this i think is important.
  13. Do you talking about quarantine, yes i agree with you is the best time to start working in cryptotalk And in this world of cryptocurrency , and change your life , now you have nothing to do in you house , so i suggest to start working in something can change your life.
  14. Yes there is many people ask when this problem will fixed , because there is many people want to link this forum with yobit, but they can’t now , the moderator have to answer this people about when this will happen , and if this will happen or not , to people know what the have to do .
  15. This is great , is amazing , i really like it , but i use safari in iPhone , there is no way to make this happen in my phone , i wish the moderator support dark mode in this forum because is really great , so it will a great move to support dark mode.
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