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  1. Change yoda to ltc no you can’t my friend. The only way is change yoda to btc again or usd and after that you can change from btc or usd to ltc . I think is the only way.
  2. In my opinion to recherche before posting is good, But i think is also is difficult to star recherche can this make more and more time than you asking for your problem in a new post , so i think is not be a problem.
  3. Mohssine


    Yes i agree with google translator is a good way for people don’t speak English to share their opinion or experience with as , and also i think is a good opportunity to star learn English first because you will need it in the future . So i hope to star learn English.
  4. Yes is great idea , i think this forum need mobile app , because many of members here using this forum from their mobile , so it’s a good idea to mobile app for this forum.
  5. I feel good because i’m a member here in this forum, yes this forum getting popular more and more , that because this is the only forum make a combination between learning new things and earn some money.
  6. I think my friend trading is really risky, so before do anything and invest your money, i suggest you have to learn hard about this because if you don’t, you can lose your money, so be careful.
  7. Yes my friend we are sharing the same feeling for this forum , it’s paid to as for learning is something incredible ,i work in internet for 2 years ago but i never see like this forum , like this website. I just i would to say thank you scryptotalk for this opportunity.
  8. I think deleted your post is happening for all of as , so don’t worry about , if you didn’t broken the rules of this forum, so just respect the rules all things will be okay.
  9. Yes , i agree we have a lot if work, we have just chose our preferences and what job we like to do , and we can make a lot of money just we have to work hard, nothing is impossible, you can do what won’t and do your dream, just work hard.
  10. Just you have to wait, because it need 2h or 3h to have a payment don’t worry you will take your money , just it’s need time . And you can withdraw 30000 satoshi if you finish you 30 post per day.
  11. I never heard about this , is great information, thank you brother to share it with as . We new here and we didn’t know many things about the forum feature.
  12. Yes my friend you can get money from this forum, when you finish the firs 100 post you able to earn 30000 satoshi per day bay position 30 post , and you will take your money in you yobit account. Yobit is a good platform so don’t worry you money is safe. And you can withdraw you money to all the wallet you won’t, blockchain, are payeer or perfect money...
  13. Thank to share this website of translation, for me , my English is not , but when i didn’t now something, i went to google translate because like you said is famous and all people using it, and for me google translate is the best one and I’m happy to using it.
  14. I don’t have a right but i think the time will fixed this problem. I suggest to wait 24h and you will get your money, but if you don’t i suggest to ask admin , he only can give you the right answer.
  15. This topic is very useful for , because i won’t to invest in trading , and I’m scared to lose my money, and i really need the experience of other people in investment, this topic give knowledge how i will to invest my money without scared.
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