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  1. Dear there are many exchanger sites and have their own rules to deposit money and have different commissions to withdraw money according to youbit it is the best exchanger and have low commissions to deposit money but some are fake exchanger sites which show their attractive offers to attain attention. Youbit and binance is the best trusted exchanger sites.
  2. Dear binance and youbit are both trusted and reliable sites which have many members and trading facilities and many offers. These two sites are exchanger sites and have low commissions to withdraw. Both binance and youbit exchanger facilitate their users with different policies which have many benefits of traders. These have many Crypto currencies and different currencies for trading.
  3. Dear your post is good and informative we can get information about Crypto currencies by the help to this not and got information about current rates about Crypto currencies at any time without opening anyother Crypto site and we can see our related information about Crypto currencies.
  4. Dear cryptotalk is the best platform for everyone who want to earn and learn about online trading and Crypto currencies which have become a special part of our lives. This plat have many senior members which give their important suggestions about different digital currencies and trading. There are many things to learn and grow our minds to work with digital world. There we can create topic or post comment with unique and informational point of view.
  5. Dear Bitcoin is a Crypto currency which decentralized and have a unique and powerful value and it is increasing day by day. Every day its value increases and in future it will at $40000. This forum gives us BTC Satoshi and talk and we can convert these to our national currency.
  6. Dear you are right and this forum is good earning and learning site and have many users the beginners which don't read the rules and regulations which apply and under these we can work properly. We can create good and effective topic every day but neglecting the rules there are many repeated topics. Create useful content for best reputation and earning.
  7. Dear this platform have many knowledge about Crypto currencies and youbit exchanger and we can earn from youbit to invest the money here and can earn a good profit but before you have proper information about Crypto currencies and how to buy and sell. Youbit is a good and trusted site for investment and works like stock market.
  8. Dear the administrator set some rules to maintain the environment if this forum and allow the people to work by following these rules. Our will never banned if we made no mistake like copy paste and comment not related to topic then there is many chances to get banned. But some times accidentally we banned between this situation contact to administrator.
  9. And this platform I seek many things about trading and Crypto currencies which is growing rapidly and approaching high level like BTC. I really feel comfortable and happy to learn these professional things. This forum can change your life style and by learn about trading you can change your life style.
  10. Dear you are right we can can't create two accounts on the same ip address and if we have one account and try to make another account then there are many chances to face and you can banned and unable to work this platform. Because one ip address has one account.
  11. This platform is the best platform for learning and earning. The newcomers start from beigneers section and gain knowledge about this platform and Crypto currencies and online trading. This section provides the smooth way of success. It is the best for students which can help their basic needs.
  12. Dear it is easy method to withdraw your money from cryptotalk. You can payout your without any people reference don't trust any person and don't provide your youbit account information simple call convert your money in your national currency then go to perfect money and from this you can withdraw your money.
  13. Dear it is a matter of great concern that scamming is increasing rapidly and we have don't trust those scammers which have unique techniques to harass people. First we know that we are unable to gain a lot of money in a small amount. These scammers show many huge profits to attract the attention of people and people which have lack of knowledge trust those people and lose their money and time.
  14. Dear mate at Crypto world the rate of currencies up and down depends on supply and demand in which BTC is going very rapidly at high peak. Whales control the price of BTC as you know when we stop to sell the thing which have good scope of expanding then it goes up and buyer buy it at suggested rate.
  15. Dear mate you are right there are many currencies to trade this platform provides a necessary information about Crypto currencies and online trading. These currencies have best scope and give us a best chance to invest but before invest you have proper training about trading. These currencies are rapidly up and down and market run fastly.
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