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  1. We i start new i was not good in english . I get very difficulties in writing english statements . Posts as i improve my english writing and learning skills . I also improve my english grammar . I get a lot of knowledge from this forum.
  2. knowledge is the key of success . I like every topic About knowledge. Without knowledge we can not get success in every field of life . There is no life status difference for getting and searching knowledge .We can get knowledge till death . It never waste our time . Crypto is best platform for searching knowledge . Regard thanks
  3. Crypto talk is the best platform were we can earn and learn at the same time. I am telling you this from my personal experience . It is very useful platform for getting knowledge . I learn and improve ny english learning skills and improve my grammar . I am a students .It is very helpful platform for poor students that are not fulfill their study fee. I advice then to join crypto talk for earning and learning at the same time .
  4. Crypto is the best way to reduce the panic . Here we do less effort and get more money . With money we also get knowledge about different things. I think crypto learn us about positivity .Always think to be positive and reduce your tension and panic .
  5. It very good platform for learning and earning . Here We do less work and earn more . There are many advantages to join crypto talk . It give us the Opportunity to give and take different Opinions . I am new here in short time i learn about many topics and get information about cryptocurrency . Thanks crypto for giving me this opportunity
  6. Friend you are great I agree with you.Learning is very necessary for us .After learning we get success in our life . I think if we do not learn we are fail in life .Same as we fail in exams without learning . That's why we have to learn first to move forward in life .
  7. Most welcome dear friend .I sincerely hope that you will complete your Objective on crypto. Crypto makes us a lot of opportunities .We will share our ideas with each other here .Will help and support you . Just keep working hard . We will get success soon on this forum .
  8. No crypto is not waste of time .Here we can spend our free time . It reduces our boredom and Also make money .There are many people here who are on a little bit money and And he can't meet his family's expenses .Such people can earn a lot from this forum.
  9. I am a student .That's why I need the most search features .On the search feature, I search for different topics. Search feature is very useful for us .Crypto is also a search feature .Here we can search different topics and get ideas. This is the best platform for knowledge .
  10. Dear gays if we want positive reputations then we have to write creative and high level .Good reputations are very beneficial for us .We can earn more names and money with positive reputation .Negative deputation on this forum is not beneficial for us .If we want success in life then We have to be positive and run away from negativity .
  11. I am currently new here . I think we can grow good reputation on this forum by doing positive and good posts . I think if we work honestly then our reputations will never be spoiled. We can also increase our reputations by following rules and regulations.
  12. We should do research ourselves Before joining any website .The more research we do This will increase our knowledge .We know that knowledge is the key of success . We must follow the advices of Old Members before posting here .Because they have more experience then us.
  13. Thanks bro we can not waste of time on fake news and website . we should work only where we can our main objective and learn lesson. Crypto is not waste of time . We should also post Meaning Full on crypto . We should work honestly .We should not waste our time by posting wrong .
  14. I am very poor in english . I learn more english learning skills . I improved my english grammer . In market crypto is coming on the top on social media these days . I am getting very useful information from this forum.
  15. At this time social media is play very important rule in our life .Dear friend you can do online business for earn .Many forums takes facilities to earn online . In covid 19 mostly people do online jobs. You can start online lectures . In free time you can also use crypto.
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