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  1. There is an experimental cryptocurrency called PI, as of today this cryptocurrency has no value but it is possible to mine up to 1000 PI every day from its downloadable application on a cell phone and it works automatically. This cryptocurrency has already gone through 2 stages that are its official launch through its mobile application and the other when a certain number of users arrive. Upon reaching the third stage, which is reaching a certain number of even larger users, this token will have a value and will be used on exchanges and wallets. This new token is a project of a group of students from Stanford University and has the projection of becoming an important cryptocurrency so it is good to accumulate PI from this moment that can still be obtained for free, you never know, you can that this cryptocurrency goes up a lot in price once it hits the exchanges.
  2. We are in 2020 and the price of bitcoin is rising slowly, doubling the price I do not see it simple but not impossible. The more users bitcoin has and the more we get to the last bitcoin to be mined, which is 21,000,000 BTC, it is very likely that the price will rise and people want to have it.
  3. Randall80

    Uphold VS Paypal

    Each has different qualities, as for example Uphold is more aimed at cryptocurrencies and Paypal is made to be a link between cryptocurrencies and fiat money and finally with the banking system. To transfer cryptocurrencies to Paypal, you must first convert the cryptocurrency to dollars or your local currency in Uphold and then it is sent to Paypal, it is a very simple procedure, it all depends on what you need most in your business, be it cryptocurrencies or fiat money.
  4. It describes the Binance exchange very well, it is a very reliable and safe exchange. Something I like about Binance is that it has a free teaching program for all its users, both in social networks and in live broadcasts, Binance is in charge of training its users and keeping them informed of all the products and recommending which is the best way to use the exchange.
  5. On YouTube there is a lot of information about it, there are content generators about cryptography, some more professional and others very funny, but if you take the time and start looking you will find a lot of valuable information. This is how I started in this, you always have to look for free information that is easily found on social networks.
  6. You should buy at this time, Bitcoin is the safest cryptocurrency today and although many label it volatile, the truth is that it has remained stable for many years and its tendency is always to rise in price, like any currency, whether crypto or fiat, always They can go down in price for a while but the main currencies will always increase their price gradually because they are the ones with the most users, so buying bitcoins is always good at any time.
  7. I use 4 ways to identify a real project from a fraudulent project: 1: Information about the people or company promoting the project, the transparency and communication that these people use to communicate with their associates. 2: That the platform provides information and documents about the country where the company is incorporated, where it was created and that it is duly legalized according to the regulations of that country. 3: Investigate the history of the company, ask the people who are inside, check the truthfulness looking for information, read the comments that people make on social networks. 4:A sure way to detect a scam is when the platform requires a deposit of money to pay for our winnings. When this happens, we automatically realize that this company is a scam and no deposit should be made. A legitimate company pays in the agreed time, the agreed amount of money so that its clients are calm and continue with the project. The company must go through the filter of the previous 4 points before we make an initial investment of time and money. I hope my comment helps a lot of people.
  8. That happens because sometimes we last a while with the page open without using it so when you make a publication the system goes off the network for a few moments and to enter a catchap must be resolved and re-enter the page but it is nothing serious , it is just to re-enter and everything is normal
  9. The way of working is changing, let's remember that a few years ago with the industrial revolution, commerce was centralized in the huge factories that created different products. Today we have a new technological revolution where knowledge is used more than physical force. This new digital era can be called the information age, since all kinds of information are available to all who want to search for it. In addition, new jobs will emerge in the future, many of these jobs will be in the crypto economy and many will not, but one thing we can be sure of is that technology will not stop and that digital jobs and businesses are the present and we will have the ability to adapt to new technologies that emerge. Nobody really knows what will happen in the future, but what we do know is that we have digital and crypto businesses for many years.
  10. My publications are simple because I am a newbie, since I have been in the world of crypto for a maximum of 3 months, and although my publications are not at the level of the most experienced, in this forum I am learning. It is important to emphasize that no one is born learned, knowledge is acquired by spending time learning, so I understand that my publications are not very significant yet but they are very valid because they are from someone who is having a true learning process and not only to publish for receive satoshis in return.
  11. The cryptocurrencies that are in the wallets or exchanges that we use are as safe as we decide to protect them. All exchanges such as wallets have security systems that protect our money, but it is important to learn to use these systems to get the most out of it and thus carry out secure transactions and thus protect our cryptocurrencies.
  12. There is no doubt that Yobit is a good platform, it is very secure and I understand that the payments are fast. It has more and more users every day and is becoming popular among people who are looking for where to store their cryptocurrencies and especially for cryptocurrency trading. The graphics that the Yobit platform shows us are in real time so we can learn to interpret it and thus possibly exchange and earn some economic benefit and this is good for Yobit and good for us, its users
  13. To better use the profits in cryptocurrencies, you have to trade cryptocurrencies that gives up to 6% per month investing in Defi projects, in addition you must leverage the mining profits in the cloud and thus make the profits grow. Also staking in an exchange with low value cryptocurrencies.
  14. Something I have learned is that you have to do the opposite of what others do, it seems paradoxical and even crazy but it is the truth. When a cryptocurrency is going down in value, everyone sells to supposedly mitigate the loss but I have done the test and when a cryptocurrency falls in value it is like a kind of cryptographic contraction, like stopping for a moment to gain momentum and that cryptocurrency rises in price in a matter of months. You have to be brave and buy when others sell and sell when others buy and you will see that this strategy works in most cases.
  15. During the Christmas season many cryptocurrencies can lower the price mainly because many people focus on their families and other matters of the Christmas season, so for a moment the business with cryptocurrencies declines and people do not use them as much as in other seasons But once it is finished, everything will return to normal and both bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies will stabilize their value again and in some cases the price will rise much more than the price it had before Christmas. Tell your friends not to be afraid, bitcoin will never lose value.
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