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  1. Cryptocurrencies can change your life as my life improved greatly after I started cryptocurrency. there are so many sites that you can join and can earn some coins as a reward. I gained a lot of experience and earned the money needed to complete my daily expenses. Also you can invest some amount for trading if you have enough knowledge about investments and method of trading.
  2. Cryptocurrencies is a rival for all national currencies and it can be invested and converted with the national currencies of all countries. Cryptocurrencies are characterized by decentralization and they can not recognized by any countries. Because of that they don’t like it thinking it’s a manipulation of a fraudulent cycle. For cryptocurrencies, there is no one who controls it or its price and cannot be centralized.
  3. Many of the cryptocurrencies have have no value. So they will disappear from existence if we do not have exchange platforms and no one wants them, but even without exchanges, Top cryptocurrencies would continue to exist through direct exchanges between users peer by peer, as long as there is demand, the cryptocurrency market will continue to exists. If there is no exchange platform then people will not prefer shitcoins.
  4. Normally in any platform it is advisable to transfer money with Altcoins. Yobit is a reliable exchange and offers several altcoins and You can use another cryptocurrency to withdraw, I can recommend Doge or LTC to be able to transfer money to a wallet. But I'm not sure if the percentage of withdrawal is high, this is quite low and legal
  5. The most important thing for beginners is to read all the rules and regulations of this site carefully. We should not violate rules and make good research before making reply. The OP should keep in mind that the subject should be in simple and understandable words. I think that this topic must address good information that helps newbies to increase their reputation and avoid warning points.
  6. Whatever you are ready for risk is what you can take as minimum, The best amount to earn with is when you trade using about 1,000 to about 5,000 USD. In the event that you are new, at that point you can begin with at any rate $200 simply practice it, But The profit you will get depends on the market and coins, you will make a profit.
  7. Because of the traffic in the network and in blockchain. That's why I don't want to use withdrawal transactions with bitcoin, sometimes it gets stuck in blockchain transactions for days and even weeks, unless users pay very large. I often make withdrawals with Doge coin and Litecoin and this is really quite fast compared to bitcoin.
  8. I lost most of my money at the currency Doublers at the beginnings. They tried to trap me in a greedy way and they succeeded. Now I advised to all of you please stay away from these scammers, You must know the Greed can destroy your money. Everyone should research properly before investing anywhere.
  9. Crypto can make everyone financial independent, but we need to spend more time in this business and read a lot of books, So because of students are in the process of learning, it can be difficult for them to integrate into the world of cryptocurrencies very well. When I was a student, there was no time for achieving such information, so I lost excellent opportunities in my life.
  10. It is true that we can only earn cryptocurrency by learning. Without proper knowledge of crypto, we can not expect to make profit out of crypto sphere, It is very important to generate good profits in the world of cryptocurrencies. the more knowledge you have, you will be able to participate on any kind of campaigns and more opportunities on trading will come to you. This community gives us a chance to learn more.
  11. Always the first attempt isn't the perfect one. We must experiment more than once and be patient and learn from our mistakes in order to achieve wide experiences. There is no success without failure. One should try to succeed in it. Don't jealous from others but get lesson from them. Life is the name of struggling and keep on struggling till you win.
  12. So many early airdrops have been made some people rich, Including myself, But the most airdrops are just a waste of time. I have been very lucky man with several of them, especially Yobit airdrops, since have generated me enough profits. According to my experience the most airdrops are scams nowadays, you can make good profit from legit Airdrops by Yobit.
  13. Yobit introduced best safety and security options on consumers account. Remember, It is always preferable to have your coins and tokens in your wallets with your private keys in safe box, But YoBit is a very old and safe exchange, with a lot of support, I do not think there are problems for huge deposits. I personally I will continue to trade with Yobit.
  14. Yobit and cryptotalk platform are great and gave some free coins to the active and experts people already but I don't think so they can enables us to become financial independent just by posting useful contents, So you can make trading and investments in Yobit exchange and buy some good coins and hold them for long run, In this way you can get much more profits.
  15. There are some criteria for good comments in the community. You must have a complete understanding of the subject with full knowledge of the technical aspects. Then you need to provide relevant information about the subject which the members will gain knowledge from it, and you shouldn't use insulting words. Don't forget you should publish comments with minimum 100 characters at least.
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