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  1. Nickname: Dammyrichie https://cryptotalk.org/profile/2226-dammyrichie/ Please I was giving 1 warning point for spamming a post I comment on, I have always been carefull of my comment or post cause I do read the rules and regulations every time. Please help me on checking my warning point and if my comment or post looks like spamming I would improve more on my typing please
  2. If you keep your money in online it not that 100% safe and cause it can be hack and stolen but if keep in the bank your money is insured and safe.
  3. I also think that would be the reason of it going up some other altcoin in the market follow suit the Bitcoin when it goes up
  4. I think this is one of the news that will are expecting in the crypto sector if this type of news keep coming it would benefit the future of cryptocurrency alot
  5. If it fall people will buy more of it and keep cause it would rise again my thought
  6. I think your prediction for Monday is wrong it at 9600$ now well nobody knows the day have not end yet still
  7. Ethereum have been my favorite coin cause I do exchange some coin to it when withdrawing or making a day to day transaction
  8. I would also research about the coin if wot investing on it particular
  9. If China accept Bitcoin would make the price jump up let look like in the head of state of China saying the people should make adoption of the blockchain a day ago look how the news pump up bitcoin
  10. People Bitcoin when it was 7200$ was wrong saying it would dip low but look in just few days it sky rocket with much interest
  11. It even a waste of time fillingvand doing does tasks cause it wot nothing at the end when participanting in airdrop
  12. Someone can earn good money buying holding bitcoin for a long period or buying it low and selling it high
  13. Most of all the airdrop this year are all full of scam, it hard to see few good and legit ones
  14. I hold a coin such as Bitcoin and ethereum which are more known for there uses case but I do sell off if need funds
  15. I think altcoin us good when trading for people that does not have huge funds to trade Bitcoin, finding altcoin which have a good future and a real team is good for trading
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