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  1. 8b9sw5bac - Thanks to Yobit exchange for the great airdrop
  2. If it fall people will buy more of it and keep cause it would rise again my thought
  3. Ethereum have been my favorite coin cause I do exchange some coin to it when withdrawing or making a day to day transaction
  4. People Bitcoin when it was 7200$ was wrong saying it would dip low but look in just few days it sky rocket with much interest
  5. There is proverb which say you should not put all egg in one basket this also apply when investing on cryptocurrency you have to pick a good coin in two or three batch and invest on them
  6. I use idex and folkdelta when trading on dex exchange I don't have issue with me depositing is withdrawn
  7. I would prefer binance exchange App the graphic is clear and it more convenient when trading in the app.
  8. Some exchange does not keep their customer kyc safe they links it to third party and it expose from there this is why some does not like kyc when it comes to opening an exchange
  9. Yes most exchange which cones first on coinmarketcap are fake volume the real one is binance even it need more volume yet still
  10. You did not need 12 words memorial word cause that is use for personal wallet like imtoken but this is an exchange address they handle that yours is to write down password and remember your code for 2fa code security
  11. Even in my environment no body knows about what is called bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency many people are still yet to know bitcoin
  12. I don't think I need it cause online loans would ask you to deposit a funds to be eligible to received the loan why it a scam way of scamming people.
  13. They are scammer sweeting their mouth about estate investment through crypto which are not real but trying to scam someone, think people should be more secure with the way they are finding investment online
  14. Cryptocurrency have not create the chance of insurance investment or through it can fall and no one would refund you of your funds.
  15. Before I make attempt of telling my friend about Bitcoin I sat him down to look how it goes in term of going high and lower, think this help him more to be on the field.
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