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  1. You are definitely right my dear, we can not be sure that automated trading bot works right or not. For example l can not rely on this technology, l would prefer making it manually as you mentioned.
  2. Choosing section for posting is really important, there are some members who doesn't care about that. However thank you for creating such as topic and maybe after read this topic some members will take care about that.
  3. Most investors prefer trading in BTC, that is why there is higher chance to make profit from your investment than in other cryptocurrencies in the future. LTC is also good choice, but not such BTC.
  4. In my mind your account will not be banned during this time. But you can continue in the future where you have been. But l can not say anything about is it good for you or bad to break from cryptotalk. If your choice is better than here, this choose can be good for you. l mean it depends on your choice.
  5. Deletion posts are the main problem of us in my mind, but no doubt if we try making great topics, comments which can be useful for other users. l think our posts will not be deleted, but we must be sure that our posts are really helpful.
  6. Masternode is defined as a governing hub in some cryptocurrency networks. It requires an initial collateral of tokens (or a “stake”) to operate. A node is defined as any computing device (computer, phone, etc.) that is maintaining a network. ... A masternode is more than just a node.(from google) 🙂
  7. Yes unfortunately the opportunity is not the same for all members, as you above mentioned some people due some problems have been blocked. l hope it will be changed in the near future. That is why for some people who don't follow the rules of forum, others will be blocked for them. It is not fairness.
  8. The safety plays so important role than other things (money or etc.). Cause of that we must take care about that, in my humble opinion if we use wallet which is most safety and also exchange, it would be so hard to steal your money for them in my mind.
  9. l do agree with your opinion my dear, we should share only some information, which can be useful for others. More than that we should take care about our topics and try posting a lot of good contents. l have given to you some good reactions, that is why you are definitely right on that.
  10. Nice topic! Thank you for sharing your advices with us, in my mind your topic will motivate a lot of people and also help to find the right way of earning money. l think also that knowledge and experience are more important than money in this world.
  11. l do agree with your opinion on that, it would be really useful when beginners follow this way. That is right most of them want to make quick money, but it is not possible as expected. You must be patient on this way, it is most important to stay away from spam, on the other hand you can be banned.
  12. l do agree with your opinion on that faucets were better early than at the moment. As l said the situation is different right now, this forum is really the best and no doubt better than faucets. Here you can learn and during this time you can also earn some money. Is it bad? 😉
  13. l have never heard about this token, thank you for sharing something about this token. In my humble opinion this token has been launched by Justin Sun or am l wrong? Maybe it can be profitable to invest in this token, but we should make some research about this token.
  14. l don't think that it can happen, that is why you can realize that this world is getting more popular in the whole world day by day. That means we will see this money for a long time. On the other hand everything is possible in this world, it doesn't matter there is low percent or high.
  15. l do agree with your opinion on that people should give reputation each other and it is not only your problem, in my mind that is the problem of us. l mean we should give reputation to post which is really profitable not only top and others.
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