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  1. Sometimes it will take really a long time to achieve own goals, but as you said it is not as easy as expected. Sometimes we must be patient and wait for right time to do the best. Cause of that the patience is the key of success.
  2. It seems this site is really great to follow the movement of BTC. But to tell the truth l don't prefer to get every prediction from people, who have lack of knowledge. That is why it is not easy to predict what will happen, as you know most of them are not true, it is so indefinite what will happen.
  3. That is right no doubt it can be one of the whales, who has made this transaction. Maybe l wish you will be one of them 🙂 and can manipulate the price of BTC.
  4. Maybe you want to learn the difference between forex and cryptocurrency. That is why l think that there is not a big difference between trading and forex. l would say both of them are the same system. Forex is centralized but cryptocurrency is mostly decentralized.
  5. You are definitely right, for to be on the leaders board we must work very hard and try creating very constructive and great topic. But what kind of bonus do you think? What can we make for these people?
  6. That is right everything is possible in this world, no doubt BTC can also reach the double price of currently price. But it is not exaggeration to say that maybe we will see it at the end of the year. Maybe it can also take a bit of long time.
  7. That is right if everybody knew about cryptocurrency, the event of the market will get up. More than that as you above mentioned this world will be more famous than other social medias like as you said Facebook.
  8. l know that is similar to cryptotalk. But l don't know other, maybe there is other one however l don't know its name. Bitcointalk is just so popular, l think you have heard this name.
  9. Everything what you above listed is right, but l don't think that to make profit from trading is so easy as expected. l think for being the best we must work very hard. Maybe at the time we can get financial freedom, on the other way it is really hard.
  10. It is just the same about me, l prefer also to make comments on other topics. That is why l think to make topic takes a bit long time, that is why for doing that you must make good research about topic, which you want to create.
  11. That is absolutely right Ignorance will always be the reason of losing money, that is why to be good trader you need to have good knowledge more than money. l think experience and knowledge play an important role while trading.
  12. That is absolutely right maybe with these steps we can avoid us from scammers. There are a lot of ways, which they are using to steal our money. We must really be careful about that.
  13. That is right scammers are everywhere, no doubt they are also part of this world. l would say they are big disadvantage of the cryptoworld. However, we must be careful about them, as you above mentioned it is just so danger to open any link, which is unknown.
  14. The price of the currency is indefinite, that mean till 1. September none can predict what will be the price of Talk token. @Brand1 You can start trading with this token from September.
  15. Yes we should give reputation each other, so we can work very hard. But we must be careful, l mean we must give reputation the members, who absolutely deserve it. Am l wrong?
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