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  1. Go to 1 position a week. We don’t need to create any posts every day. If we put pressure on ourselves to create an issue every day, the issue will not be very good. But to create topics, we need to take more time to gather information so that the post can be effective everywhere. Topics will be unique most of the time because people have different opinions. The forum will be filled with lots of posts covering great ideas and wide fields of knowledge. Thank you partner for your good idea which will help us all
  2. I would say that it affected all spheres of economic, political and social life as well, because every country is isolated from a country, every province and every person is isolated from an individual. This has had a negative impact on all areas of life.CoronaVirus will increase forum members here because everyone is sitting at home! However I think this problem exists because the new members here are not getting paid!
  3. I will say that however the problem here is that the site members face a lot of problems when creating a new topic from these issues which deletes the site posts and most of the posts and ideas have already been written on the site before BN. That if we are to survive in this forum for a long time, we need to post new topics according to the latest news and information.
  4. I would say that a lot of people get stuck inside just one subject. Therefore, we need to go to the new section and gather knowledge from there, from which we will benefit a lot. And you are right that by exploring new things, when we search it gives us knowledge and enhances our experience, then we are also able to automatically make good money. You will do more in terms of knowledge than improving your skills.
  5. I would say that in electronic banks that contain real money but exist on the internet and are exchanged between people but digital currencies are not fixed and not recognized by countries and do not have a specific center for change.Cryptocurrency is another thing. But they have competition, crypto insight internet like digital. They both have value, not only is cryptocurrency still not so popular, it still needs a lot to get closer to real money, but it has great potential.
  6. I would say that Google can find out if the project you want to take is legitimate if it is a new project, but it can say that it is a scam not just with your experience. If it’s been online for a while, you can search the internet or like to see other people’s opinions on the forum. I’ve come across this project on social media and started earning. It’s just that hard searching gives it a good result that hasn’t been scammed or failed. Which is more common nowadays.
  7. I would say that crypto makes our lives easier. We can easily earn cryptos in our house. We can buy cars, houses, iPhones, watches, etc. But thanks to us for sharing these sites. I didn’t know about the sites before. I thought we could only convert crypto to local currency. It takes a lot of time to do their best but in the sense cryptocurrency is very popular and very famous if we get double payment then we can try to buy and we can also do business with USNP cryptocurrency .
  8. I would say that experience blockchain is one of the best. What really saves is more than you believe and the transaction fee is lower than other wallets. But if you ask me to choose one of them. Then I will choose to use Coinbase. Because it is a trusted, secure and popular wallet. And it's so easy to use. Blockchain can be a blockbuster explorer and one more trade. For me additionally blockchain has a general user experience and user interface.
  9. I would say that bitcoin, for me you can make enough money just by holding it and sell it if the price goes up, I don't think you can find it in another currency, if you don't earn that much then just a few dollars. Blockchain-based The deals were very interesting and useful. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has no application other than cost savings. So I’m leaning towards etherium as my favorite currency, but I’m not sure.
  10. I would say that Bitcoin I see in a short time is not very much with different prices. So the chances of going really high are low. I offer the side of holding your bitcoin every time you can trade it with the purchase of a worthless coin, so if the price of the coin continues to rise you can make a profit on bitcoin. So your Bitcoin balance will continue to increase from time to time. Since Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency are decentralized, no one knows how the prices will go.
  11. I would say that cryptocurrencies are risky, since it is a very volatile market, I mean one day one cryptocurrency can cost a lot and the other one can go for less than what you have invested, so it is better to invest in cryptocurrency that the market is growing or stable. , With them you can make big profits. Trading is risky in any way .. but if you learn and gain enough experience, trading will be profitable for you! Volatility is the nature of the cryptocurrency market so we need to be aware and understand how it works well.
  12. I would say that the answer to many of the same questions with this lime is that bitcoin is, after all the depreciation and rising processes, only every currency returns to the rising position, so I think it is king. I always stay away from bitcoin forks, like bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond or anything called Bitcoin. Because I think they only take advantage of the brand bitcoin, so create duplicate bitcoins and take advantage of people who are blind about bitcoin. Perhaps it could also create a bad image for Bitcoin. I chose Litcoin and Etherium because they have a good basic and good community, so there will still be confidence for a long time to come.
  13. I would say that the telegram is just a scam and a waste of time, so we should believe it unless it is from a legitimate exchange or site like Jobit. Iobit has a telegram bot which is kind of a real reason when it comes to airflow when it is already proven and tested.Projects are believable and that is not. I don't usually invest in projects that support unknown individuals or groups. Projects initiated by a registered organization is a good project for me.
  14. I would say that it also takes a long time to gain good experience and knowledge about how these cryptocurrencies work in the world in my opinion! Many people start trading without enough knowledge and lose all their money in a short time especially those who buy scandalous coins and think that they will gain 200% in a short time! It is really important to be patient while learning how to trade well and I suggest you start with a little bit of money..I have no idea what trading is and you want to jump into it. Instead of trying to recover, you lose money.
  15. I will say that the reason for deleting the posts by the moderating team of the forum, including the most important recurring topics or topics that are not related to any news related to crypto and for this we must follow the rules of the forum and find useful posts and their I would also encourage you to avoid assigning posts on a single topic because it happened to a friend of mine who posted 10 posts on a single topic and when the admin removed the topic his 10 posts were deleted and he had to be replaced. Them before receiving payment.
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