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  1. Helow, Good Day! My goal in this campaign also is to earn bitcoin for free, this site was referred to me by a friend , posting a comment with a 4 minute gap rule is also requires patience and effort so its not that easy, in addition you have limited time because of your other work. Im running a month now using this site and I only created 45 post, I guess this farming requires dedication, because sometimes i feel lazy to make post because I only read a lot, a also I learned a lot from this site not only bitcoin farming but also money farming through paypal apps. Thanks and have nice day!
  2. Helow, Good day! Thanks for this post! Yobit pumps alert! I dont know about that, all you have to do is post and comment to earn bitcoin, You have have to be patient and wait four minutes to create another post. Thanks and have a nice day!
  3. Its normal to lose money value at first, as long as you hold it before the value goes high again then there you sell it, holding is a good thing monitor the charts if it is going high or low regularly. until you earn your desired profit. Thanks and have a nice day!
  4. 1.BTC 2.BCH 3.ETH I think these three are great coins to invest in because they have higher value in us dollars. and there are a lot of sites that gives these for free, just for example these site, just by posting you earn free bitcoin. Thanks and Have a nice day!
  5. Helow Good day! I would be okay with that, because a spam message is just a message or a post that adds to your post, to post anything is a spam, so it is okay to spam post if you are just posting. Thanks and have a nice day haha.
  6. Helow, ! Good day! Congratulations Cryptotalk for reaching that amount of members, It means more and more really love putting effort into this crypto currency, hope that it will be famous someday, Thanks and Have a nice day!
  7. Hellow, Good day!, Bitcoin is so expensive because they have build a name, I think they are the first cryptocurrency in the cryptoworld, Most currency are now convertable to bitcoin, and any other coin can be converted to bitcoin, I think bitcoin is the heart of the cryptocurrency. Just my opinion, Im also a newbie here! Thanks and have a nice day!
  8. Helow! Good day! I think creating multiple accounts on the same ip address is not allowed because , it is an act of deceiving, because he wants to loot faster. For me one is only enough, because of my busy schedule at work I can only post maximum of 10 messages per day. Thanks and have a nice day!
  9. Helow! Good day! I Think its because they also give high points every post of 1000 satoshis per post, so they have to balance the rewards and fee to keep the members from getting addicted to posting hehe, just my opinion, Thanks and have a nice day!
  10. Helow! Good day! Thanks for your post! I am a newbie in this field and I really dont know where to start investing in bitcoin, Your information really helps, Im planning to start trading at the end of the month after my payroll, so that I can multiply my earnings! Thank you and have a nice day!
  11. Helow, good day! What month usually the price of the bitcoin rises? and month that usually low on price? Is there a hint in this? Because I recently learned about this cryptocurrency in the internet and I want to invest in it. Thanks and have a nice day!
  12. Helow, Good day! If a coin accidentally reaches my wallet, I will think of it as a blessing, because earning coin takes a lot of time and effort. thanks you and have a nice day!
  13. In investing bitcoin through a trading app or site, will you lose money if the price goes down without even selling it or it is still there? because Im planning to hold it until the price hikes, so that i can earn more. Thanks and have a nice day!
  14. Hello! Good day! I agree to this post. I just join the cryptotalk today. Earning 1000 satoshis per post i a big thing because other apps and sites dont give this much. I am really thankful for this site and for the people here. Thanks and have a nice day!
  15. I just joined today in this crytotalk through a tutorial that I found in youtube! and Yes I read that I need to make 100 post, before i can claim my first payout,. Everyone needs money so they are putting an effort in this site. Putting an effort is not meaningless. Comment that has words in it is not meaningless. Just my opinion. Thanks have a nice day!
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