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  1. I think to gain profit from bitcoin is gradually process you can not get rich just in just one day you have to understand this business before investing in it and you should be patient.
  2. I have joined this crypto currency recently and i am sometimes worried about hackers and scammers and i think not knowingly i will fall in to the traps of the scammers but i hope not to.
  3. Yeah i think you are right now a days a lot of websites are just fake and are a scam in which new comers are trapped easily.
  4. I am also not investing because i don't have any bitcoin but in near i am definitely planning to invest to gain some profit with the help of bitcoin.
  5. One of my friend has told me about this website and i am very thankful to him because it is very easy to earn money from this just have to do some post about the crypto currency related to the topic and on each post you will be given money.
  6. I think before buying any coin we should always look the price chart of the currency and should understand the variations in the price of the currency only than we will be able to buy profitable my opinion you should buy bitcoin as it's prices are increasing rapidly.
  7. Very nice this is very useful information for the new comers just like me and you have explained the similarities and qualities of gold and bitcoin. thank you
  8. I think they are trying to say that scammers and hackers are very active now a days and they are using new tricks to get new comers to fall for their traps. so you should be aware of these type of activities.
  9. I think to use crypto currency one of the problem that most user faces is the problem of cyber security. crypto is safe but scammers and hackers are always ready to take advantage of poor people and secondly this crypto currency is very unstable. there always occur great number of fluctuation and variation because of this it is very difficult to understand what is the actual price at the time.
  10. By utilizing majority of the information is the key to gain profit with crypto currency. if you have keen understanding of what you are doing only than you will be able to achieve your goals.
  11. Yes i think you are right bitcoin will be always a safe option in invest as by keeping in view the previous progress we can say that it's value is increasing day by day and you can get a great profit by investing in this currency.
  12. I think crypto currency is safe and secure but to be sure you should keep your currency in different wallets and by after doing this always put a strong password so that hackers or scammers will not be able to crack it easily.
  13. As we can see that crypto currency is becoming successful day by day and it's popularity among people is increasing so i think keeping in view the progress crypto currency will launch new projects in coming years.
  14. I myself have not bought anything with the help of bitcoin but i have heard that fast and easy to transact and it has very little fee. if we connect our digital currency to our debit card tan it start to function similarly as physical money and we can use it anywhere where visa card is accepted.
  15. Yeah i think crypto currency and digital currencies both are same thing. as we can say that crypto currency is one of the form of digital currency which includes bitcoin ripple ethereum etc.
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