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  1. The more projects introduce cryptocurrency into their structure, the more popular digital assets such as BTC, ETH, BNB and many others.
  2. Now there are a lot of projects that seem to have good potential, but in fact they are empty, it is difficult to find a decent project.
  3. Absolutely, that's why opening a new cryptocurrency exchange will never be superfluous, in fact there are not so many good exchanges, I hope with the development of Binity will go to the tops.
  4. This I understand, now on the movement of cryptocurrency you can make a good profit. At the moment the market is quiet and crypto is hardly moving in price.
  5. I think where you can get a good return on investment, the project will always be popular, if stability will be.
  6. Every year the number of people who are familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies grows. Therefore, there are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges and new platforms are constantly opening.
  7. Yes, and this means that those companies that started earlier with cryptocurrency and develop this digital asset, that will have more advantages.
  8. For the popularity of cryptocurrency it is necessary that it is used somewhere, now there are ATMs in some countries where you can cash cryptocurrencies, there are also restaurants where you can also pay for your lunch or dinner with cryptocurrency, that is the application will be able to make cryptocurrency popular.
  9. At that time, in 2009, cryptocurrency was just being created, it was created by enthusiasts, they probably did not even assume then that this digital asset will become popular and it will spin a lot of money.
  10. Yes, many large companies invest in cryptocurrency, special funds are opened which also invest in cryptocurrency and create a portfolio of several assets. On the whole, there is a lot of money in this market.
  11. In fact, not many people know about cryptocurrency, here you have to understand that only a maximum of 10% of people on earth have heard of cryptocurrency, 90% do not even know what it is.
  12. Judging by the review of the project NUGEN that it budetii demand among users, if course will implement all the tools that are described on the website platform.
  13. But cryptocurrency is volatile. You can get rich and go bankrupt in a couple of minutes. But the risk is reasonable and that's why exchanges like Binity are necessary for users.
  14. At this time, cryptocurrency is not familiar to all people, but if at least 40% of the world will know about cryptocurrency, then this digital asset will be a priority.
  15. Well, at this time popular spot trading, it is easy to learn for beginners, and they need to focus on the promotion of their exchanges, more beginners will understand the platform, more customers for the exchange.
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