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  1. Dear friend you are perfectly right. Positive reputation is most important in this forum. So we will try to post good and positive content and also support others to help them t in posting daily.
  2. Dear friend. You can never expect correctly regarding to this forum . The new policies have changed alot and they are very strict too. So one should not expect more from the forum.
  3. Yes you are right dear, beginners section is the most important section. It provides us with the basic knowledge of the forum. So we all need to start from here and keep posting healthy content.
  4. It is important to discover new topics. Keep researching is the most important thing. Discover new things and keep posting such things. This all provides us the information we need.
  5. Cryptocurrency is the most important forum . It the fate of the world. It is important both in case of earning and learning. It is financially supporting us all and improving our communication skills too.
  6. Dear mate, you have explained a very important topic. Yes, we should be careful while posting. Your account can get banned if you yry to copy paste others content and you should avoid spelling mistakes too.
  7. Dear mate, most simplest thing to understand here is to work hard and keep posting authentic content. You need to make alot of efforts and to contact alot of other people. Keep working to get experience and knowledge.
  8. Dear mate, investment is the most sensitive process. Many of us lose money just because we dont have proper knowledge about investing. You have shared a very important post. And it us helpful too.
  9. Cryptocurrency is the best highly paying forum . Yes of course we can get rich here. If we use the money carefully and moreover try to invest the money carefully. You need to work hard here on this forum.
  10. Cryptocurrency is the most importance and worldwide spreaded forum. Beginners always fear here this all is due to the amount of work and new concepts that we get here. Fear of banning makes the beginners to earn and learn more
  11. You are right mate, your knowledge increase as much you get but it never ends. There is always alot left for you to learn. Keep researching good things and keeo working on them diligently.
  12. Dear friend, you need to avoid the spelling mistakes here on the forum, you grammar should be correct and authentic. Work here diligently and you need to be cautious as this is communication forum, so your communication skills should be good.
  13. Dear you need to make a timetable and then follow it strictly. Dear you get money here to fulfill your needs, so you need to take pain to gain . Hope you understand it and will try to work here regularly.
  14. I have never traded in thus site. But i know one thing that youbit is the best forum in case of trading. You should be careful while trading on youbit because it is highly commissioned here
  15. Dear mate, for beginners , beginners section is the best. As you get all tge basic information here. And you get experience by just posting on this forum, and you also get the payment that is going to help you financially.
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