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  1. You cannot do that, since each CryptoTalk account is linked to only one Yobit account, so if you already have a Yobit account you will not be able to link it to a new account.
  2. Of course, we should not despair of work when we are exposed to a loss. In my opinion, we must convert the loss into a strong motive. When we entered this field, we knew its risks and positives, so do not give up and continue.
  3. If the symbol that appears is a lock symbol, then that means that this topic cannot be answered by anyone, not you alone, so do not worry you did not make a mistake, but the topic was stopped for some reason we do not know.
  4. I agree with you, we must invest the talk that we get from the posts, especially now that its selling price has become 1 Satoshi, as it is very cheap and difficult to collect, so investing is the best way to profit from it.
  5. My dream is to collect my first Bitcoin, and to profit from trading, currently I buy many cryptocurrencies in small quantities since I am new to trading, and I am waiting for their price to rise so that I can sell them.
  6. One or both of the posts will be deleted, and you may receive a warning point for committing this error, so if you can reach a moderator and tell him your mistake, the warning point will be deleted and only one of the posts will be deleted.
  7. Your request is very simple, and you do not need to use faucets or even trade, you just have to share useful posts in the forum and you will get $ 5 a week or more, it depends on the amount of your work.
  8. Thank you for this useful topic for beginners to learn the basics about the forum and how to invest and trade. I agree with you that learning took a long time with us until we gained knowledge, but we did not feel this time because every day we have something new to learn.
  9. You can earn here after you finish the first 100 posts because it is free and will not be paid for, then you are paid 200 satoshi for each useful post, and you are allowed to write 20 posts per day.
  10. I heard about it, but no one encouraged me to enter it, just as you said that the profit in it is small and the withdrawal requirement is high, so you need a lot of time to earn with it, so I see that the forum is much better and its terms are clear and easy for the user.
  11. When cryptocurrencies spread more and everyone deals with them, it will be a fait accompli that you can buy a property or a car in the cryptocurrency, and it will be like the currencies we buy in. But that takes time to happen, and people need to welcome this idea.
  12. As for the number of members, the English Qassam is no less important than the Russian section, but the problem is in the quality of the members. Everyone is active and wants to trade and they have got rid of their fears, unlike what is happening with us.
  13. Each account on the forum will be linked to its own Yobit account, so I don't think that is possible if you mean two accounts from the forum that have the same yobit account. But if you want to transfer the money to an account in the bank, you can do so.
  14. My opinion of encryption is better than stocks, it is true that trading cryptocurrencies is fraught with risks and you have the possibility of losing, but when you win you will earn a lot of money and I prefer this type of profit.
  15. If the bank you deal with trades cryptocurrencies and keeps them like cash, the transfer process is possible, it is a few simple steps until the money is transferred from the platform to the bank or another platform, You can contact the bank and ask them.
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