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  1. As for I have a dream that I seek to achieve is to increase my experience and knowledge of the world of cryptography and cryptocurrencies so that I can enter into investment or trade in them and achieve the best profits and not be subject to any possible loss.
  2. Yes, my friend, you are right, so that we can achieve our dreams and desires in the work that we do, it must be done with effort and perseverance and spend time to get to know the steps of success and to make mistakes, and thus we achieve it and gain through it also I wish everyone to achieve their goals in success
  3. Yes, in order to be able to succeed, we must define the goal so that we can reach it in a correct way, and that working in this forum we benefit from it to collect money and exchange experiences together, and this matter is interesting and useful for all of us as we gain experience and knowledge about the world of cryptography, cryptocurrencies and money as well.
  4. For me, I will not face this problem before, but moderators can be cleaning the forum so you have to be patient and wait a while and you will not lose any of your money saved in your wallet. I wish you success.
  5. Yes, you are right. We must provide assistance and support to any member who needs it, especially junior members, because the basis for success in this forum is to do good and provide assistance so that everyone can achieve their goals and develop the forum correctly and successfully.
  6. Thank you, my friend, for this useful information. Yes, you are right. There are many fraudulent people, so we must be careful and pay attention to them so that they do not penetrate our account and steal our money from them ..
  7. In order to be able to reach to be a prominent member in this forum, you must work with all your energies and provide the best of what you have and create publications that contain useful content so that everyone can benefit from them and provide support for you, but do not rush in your work until you do not face any problem, you will get what you want in a timely manner.
  8. As for me, when I go to the forum for work, I feel that the time I will spend here will benefit greatly from it and the feeling of happiness in learning new things in our life that we were not aware of before is indescribable. I hope that the success of this forum will prevail in all countries of the world to know it and benefit from it
  9. Yes, we must work hard and persevere in order to be able to succeed and reach our goals and objectives, and to present topics with new ideas, high quality and easy to understand for the reader in order to beg the members to see them and give them the best reputation ..
  10. Yes, my friend, you are right, so that we can protect our cryptocurrency that we have in our wallet, you must set a password for me so that no one can penetrate it and steal our money through it because there are many fraudsters and you should pay attention to them.
  11. Yes, this is true. We must do something ourselves because no one can offer you anything for free. Therefore, we have to work hard and perseverance without resorting to any help from others.
  12. Yes, my friend, in order to get the best reputation for your posts, you should create new topics and include high-quality ideas in order to attract members to read them and give them a good reputation. And that reputation indicates that you are a member who provides useful things so that are necessary but not affect your profits
  13. Yes, therefore, we must act honestly and safely and not to use cheating because it may lead us into the problem of prohibition or warning. We have to present our best resources in order to be able to achieve success and reach our goals and develop the forum in a broad and large way all over the world
  14. Yes, my friend, no free site can be trusted because it can be an illegal site or some kind of fraud, and we cannot earn money without working hard and perseverance. I believe that crypto talk forum is more secure and credible and we earn money through it in return for our work properly and clearly
  15. Yes, if we learn the English language, it may bring us success in the work that we do, especially in the crypto talk forum, and we may benefit from it through it a lot of useful information and rules that increase our experience. It may help us work anywhere else as well.
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