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  1. @Babubu609, All your topics are very relevant and help a lot, you are the example of someone who works with dedication and effort and gets a very good reward. Thank you for your dedication and for working so hard to be featured on Cryptotalk. I would like to learn from you every day, since your great knowledge is reflected in your work. Congratulations.
  2. Cryptocurrencies can provide us with more options and more development in our lives, with it we can acquire great profits and an extra source of income, as well as making many alternatives online, however it is not something that is safe, since its volatility It is disadvantageous, to operate with these currencies you must know the entire base of cryptocurrencies and their systems. All investments have their risks and without darkness we cannot see the light, in this case without mistakes we cannot see opportunities and learn from them.
  3. At the moment I feel good with the options that the forum offers us I do not pay much attention to that, however a night option would be good, since it is good for our health. Many people like me work at night in the forum and the light is a little disturbing to our eyes and affects us at work. I would only like that option, the rest everything is very good. When working in the forum I do not pay attention to the background colors, but to the publications.
  4. Good post as it alerts everyone to scams. In this world of investment and crypto currencies it is very difficult to be sure. There are more and more strategies that scammers manage to use to steal our money. It is essential to keep these steps in mind and not forget the importance that we must have when buying, selling and investing currencies. Scammers every day can look more like those trustworthy people we have, since many times they are the same people and in any step we are going to take it is important that we have advice from someone older on the subject and can help us. We must verify the source where the information comes from and thus eliminate any scam. Your advice is very useful.
  5. Previously when I heard about cryptocurrencies I thought about pyramid scams and thought that all this turned to one word and it was SCAM, but I realized the error, since the only error that caused me to think this way was not having the knowledge or have a base that would make me think differently. Not knowing the origin of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies made me think wrongly. I had no idea of the differences between digital and physical money, its advantages or disadvantages. I let myself be carried away by the news and I can thank Cryptotalk, since it has been the basis that has given me all the learning I have today and the knowledge that all my colleagues on the forum have provided me, Before commenting on something I first verify, of the same way I do on the forum. Before commenting on a topic, I first spend time researching and having information so I can comment on it. I think that your friends are going through exactly the same moment that I did and I think that the answer to your question lies in research and advice, since many of us can answer you in different ways, but only you can have the absolute truth of your doubts. Explore and investigate and you will know the answer.
  6. From this forum I like its simple way of handling, since its methodology is very easy and one of the things that I love and spoiling interacting with different people and knowing their opinion and being able to express my knowledge and what better way that we can help each other everyone. One of the particularities that I like the most is its rating system and that we can receive a reputation for our work and that we are able to do the same, this fills me with motivation every day, since seeing my reputation increase makes me feel satisfied that I am doing a good job and that my effort is reflected in the profits that we can obtain from this great platform such as Cryptotalk.
  7. I highlight this topic, since I saw a few weeks ago that many colleagues on the forum have less than five posts and more negative points. This surprised me, since many people are not tolerant and do not recognize that perhaps their topics are not full of knowledge but it is due to lack of experience. While we can give good advice let's do it instead of rating poorly, since we have all been beginners, however many people make too many mistakes because they do not know the rules and do not take their time to read everything about the forum and its rules and the steps that we must continue to be better. The best work is the one we do in communication and team, this helps us to work in a coordinated way and that we all learn from each one of us. It is important that when we see an error we do not simply give a negative point, but we notify our partner why and this will be helping him to learn from his error.
  8. All virtual products have high risks of being lost, either due to losing our passwords or due to misuse on the net. One of the risks to which we are most exposed is the theft of our digital currencies. One of the most important and fundamental steps are: 1. We can use a Bitcoin client that allows us to modify a new address in each operation that we carry out. 2. When making transactions in public spaces it is essential that we protect our identity and thus we will avoid revealing the identity related to the Bitcoin address. 3. When we go to make a sale or purchase we must verify who is on the other side and if it is someone qualified and safe. Let's use a custody service. 4. Let's not forget to do a good encryption, it is preferable that we use encryption throughout the system. 5. If we are going to use online storage, let's not overlook double authentication. 6.It is preferable that wallets are not used on mobile devices, they can be stolen and compromised. 7. We never stop updating all the systems, the operating system, all the Software can be affected by malware. I hope they help you in the same way.
  9. It seems to me that what you mean is that the best way to know if we have already published on a topic and stop confusing ourselves with that, should we give a reputation to each topic that we think? If that is the point, the idea is not so bad, since when commenting on a publication it is because it is in our interest and we have something to say, however I am not entirely convinced, since many publications do not deserve to give it a reputation. I think it is more like a strategy to qualify ourselves among all. It is always good to give reputations to the issues that merit it, whether they are positive or negative. Something that I would like in this forum is to see if I have already published before, since sometimes I comment on some publications and it comes out as if I had not participated. It would be nice if they did an update on this in order to do a better job on the forum and not be at risk of warning points.
  10. Cryptocurrencies are becoming our reality every day, as their theme is increasingly extended and more countries and companies add to their implementation, since it is an opportunity for growth for a country and its inhabitants. I think it is similar to technology, as we handle it more, we know it and we manipulate it, we realize the benefits that we can get from it. In the same way it happens with cryptocurrencies, if we learn to manage it to know its strategies and all the issues that have to do with it, we can obtain profits and too much opportunity for our lives and our purposes. My main priority is to be able to learn and have more knowledge every day and at the same time be able to obtain a high income and work independently in order to have a better economy.
  11. All Venezuelans will be able to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with their local currency, (Bolívar) through the Bot, Telegram and Whatsapp. In the same way, they can continue to do so from their web App, from the Colombian exchange house Panda Exchage, it was known through an announcement indicating the authorization of this service for Venezuelans. If a Venezuelan wants to make a purchase of Bitcoin with their local currency, they will have the option to pay using mPandco, this App is available for South American countries, it gives them the opportunity to load funds with credit cards and bank transfers. Let's highlight that the country of Venezuela has had a Boom in recent months with cryptocurrencies. This is news that is positive for many Venezuelans, because due to its economic crisis, this becomes an opportunity for growth. What do you think of this?
  12. Thus, the most relevant characteristic of this forum is reputation, since it is what indicates if we are doing a good job. This forum has many peculiarities that make it different and be attractive to all its users, one of the greatest satisfactions is that our reputation increases every day, this becomes a motivation so that every day we can investigate and create useful topics that are A great help for the forum and for us who are interested in the world of cryptocurrency investment.
  13. I have always thought that scammers have a mind similar to those who create positive things. It is like a Hacker and a Cracker, these two people have the same abilities and capacities, there is only one thing that makes them different and it is the midpoint of good and evil. A scammer grows as the crypto world does, as this spreads and creates new ideas they do too. His strategies become more innovative and his ability to create certain things that are attractive to his victims is impressive. In this way, therefore, we must be attentive to the strategies used by cybercriminals.
  14. Bitcoin and Blockchain, are having a boom in too many developing countries, this is something that should not surprise us, since it has been shown how these countries are having new practices in the economy thanks to cryptocurrencies. countries like Colombia is joining the list of countries that have the most users with cryptocurrencies and this somehow makes countries move forward. It is clear that new technology such as Blockchain is rapidly making way for third world countries. Blockchain, everything indicates that it is going to devastate quickly in the third world, which for some, in this case, seems the first. As time progresses, it is inevitable that there will be no changes and transformations in less developed countries. The change that will take place in these countries in the future is evident.
  15. It is very disappointing that they create very repetitive themes, which always speak of the same and the message remains the same. It is important that we all create daily topics suitable for learning the cryptocurrencies and thus we will keep the forum more active and updated, just as the benefits will be for ourselves, since we can be more informed. However, I have seen that many create the same posts, seek the same point but still do the same. The most interesting topics are almost all from the year 2019 and very little from 2020. Let's investigate further and make this forum the best.
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