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  1. My goal is also similar to yours, I want to get 1 bitcoin by the end of the year, so I'm working hard, whether for free or in negotiation
  2. You need to enter the queue, but before that you need to verify your account with your documents (KYC) after being selected you can earn earnings
  3. Hacking attacks within the cryptocurrency market are quite common and happen daily. According to data from blockchain research firm Slowmist , these scams have already managed to steal $ 13 billion in a total of 289 hacker attacks. These attacks peaked in interest in 2017 and have continued to gain momentum until then. Interestingly, the website statistics do not rely on individual attacks on a smaller scale, such as ransonwares, nor do they rely on financial pyramid scams and other types of fraudulent activities. Therefore, the total amount stolen by “hackers” may be higher. But an interesting fact is that all of these attacks show that there are different flaws in many sectors of the cryptocurrency, from blockchain alone to flaws in the portfolios used by many investors. One of the main sources of cryptocurrency thefts is centralized brokers, as they can guarantee large amounts of cryptocurrencies with few attacks. Altogether there were 78 attacks, responsible for stealing more than $ 4.5 billion since 2012. Attacks on these institutions can end up being disastrous and even destroy the brokerage forever, as was the case with Cryptopia and Mt.Gox. Of course, customers were the ones who lost the most in this story. Another interesting highlight is the blockchain hacks, which do not always cause direct losses. As for example the election of Russia that was made through Blockchain , but the data was stolen and later sold on the black market. Of course, there are also vulnerability attacks on blockchain that also end up stealing funds from investors. EOS is champion of hacking attacks Decentralized apps (dApps) made on the EOS blockchain are the champions of hacking attacks, with 115 attacks since their launch two years ago. Protocols based on Ethereum suffered losses of more than $ 142 million in attacks. ERC-20 standard coins had a total loss of $ 1.15 billion. The total value of US $ 13 billion is an impressive number, especially when we note that this value is greater than the total market capitalization of XRP, the third largest digital currency in the world. However, it is worth noting that these attacks help the sector to become stronger, since the market learns from its mistakes.
  4. SwissBorg Rewards Program Estimated Distributed Value: 1€ up until €100 in Bitcoin Tokens: ? BTC You can get up to €100 per ticket and you can test your luck as many times as you want because you can invite more than one friend and each time both of you will be rewarded. Instructions Download the Wealth App for Android/IOS. Sign up and complete Level 1 KYC verification. Now make a minimum deposit of €50 or the equivalent in any supported currency or crypto. You will get a scratch ticket that could be worth anywhere between €1 – €100 in BTC. Also get one scratch ticket for each referral who downloads the app and completes the above tasks. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this post. click here Required tools Email KYC Phone JOIN THE AIRDROP
  5. I totally agree, that person who is successful today has traveled a difficult path to get there, we often see a person and we don't even imagine it, but only those who have merit are successful
  6. Actually games didn't have such a big effect on me, always the times I played was just to play, even losing money, one thing I learned is that you will always lose in the end
  7. Nowadays I don't mine any cryptocurrency, because I don't think it's worth it for me, energy is very expensive for little profit, but in the past I used to mine ETH
  8. This just proves more and more that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is technology of the future, we are very happy to know that cell phone manufacturers are adhering to blockchain technology on their devices
  9. Yes you are right, it is not worth lying or giving false information just to create a topic, we are here in this group to learn and have friendships and not just get paid
  10. There is no legitimate site to generate bitcoin for free, currently even those who are paid become scam after a while, I recommend you stay here on the forum receiving payments for posts, and do some airdrops and bounty
  11. Telegram is the place where I saw more scammers in my life, whenever you comment on some known exchange group or something like that, several scammers will send you a message in private to try to rob you, you have to stay tuned
  12. I believe that most members have already received at least 1 warning point since it started, when I was a novice I received 1 warning point for creating a wrong topic, at the time I didn't know, but by reading several topics I learned about all the rules
  13. I always convert my bitcoin to litecoin or XRP, but if the amount of bitcoin is too high, I don't think it's worth it, it would be good for small withdrawals only
  14. It's true, in addition to being paid to learn, we can make friends and chat with some members of the forum and even make groups
  15. There is also a site to detect HYPS that are paying or not, but in fact I prefer to know by seeking comments on the site, if many people are saying it is a scam I believe
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