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  1. Personally, it seems to me a lack of consideration with the users, we simply wait for something that apparently did not arrive, Yobit has a very busy calendar, did not meet the dates for the airdrop, now the TALK trade may be delayed again without any notice, the Easy Cash trade has not opened either and the Yo-Chat campaign has not seen the light either, so folks this does not look good.
  2. He considered that for there to be a total decline of the crypto world, there would have to be a great ban or something similar, perhaps some administrative regulation could also cause it. However, something like this is almost impossible due to the great individuals that are inside the Bitcoin
  3. I have been using ETH as a currency for transactions for years and in this topic I found things that I did not know about the currency that I use the most, as always and I am not surprised, your topics are helpful and comply with dispersing knowledge. although, how would you expose the price increase in transactions? do you attribute it to the DeFi?
  4. There is a popular saying that says that the strength is in the union and in this case the union represents the different communities, which promote different ideas or resolutions on projects or forums like Cryptotalk. In fact, in that union falls the success of social networks.
  5. a compilation of the best themes for newbies and experts, all in one place? We won the lottery, thanks for your effort in sharing knowledge and warning others, although I would like to know your opinion on some investment and trading topics, a tutorial on it, would help many. Today I did not have much to read in the forum, but with this everything changes.
  6. Interesting, but I have a question, this configuration should be applied to each topic that we want to receive notifications? Or just configure it once is enough that they arrive notification of answers, etc? About all the topics? on many occasions some users answer me but I do not receive a notification about it, and I would not like them to think I do not I care or something like that
  7. I did not know this information, I really had no idea that USDT worked under three different algorithms, it is interesting that this situation is presented but it is negative for those who do not know, thank you very much for Inform the forum users about this.
  8. I've been playing for years, basically 48 <refers to the fact that you bet that a number less than 48 will appear and with 52> to a number greater than 52, personally I usually bet most of the time with the option of> 52, it generates more profits, although I only use it to comply with the actions requested in the investbox, to earn money I do not recommend it
  9. I did not lose much but I had an LTC saved in that exchange, I remember that in the beginning they gave cryptos for using the chat, this news makes me happy, there is an opportunity to recover that LTC, it is 50 dollars, is worth waiting for that form thanks for letting us know !!
  10. Effort and perseverance are factors that partly determine the value of users in the Forum, this dedication represents us and therefore we must ensure that each message that we share in the forum is of quality. This also applies when answering different topics, I say it because they some users tend to do post on topics of a year ago without adding something new to it, they only do so to complete the daily post fee.
  11. Scams are something that regrettable is normal within the crypto world, however there are ways to avoid these malicious sites, for example antivirus how avast or karsperky have integrated functions that compare web pages with databases on scams or reports and immediately block access. Although even this saves us from the platforms that are supposed to have credibility such as arbistar and their exit scam or the conditions on small letter, in different investment pages
  12. The system makes it clear that new payments will only be made to posts with a positive score, however, from what I have read, the problem of incomplete payments is not based on that, but on the fact that there are posts with a positive reputation that were not paid, that is the problem that some have.
  13. The situation that was generated as a result of what happened with the prohibition, is a clear example that due to the error of some they all pay, surely there were many users who behaved but were withdrawn, in any case I agree with the fact that we must represent to our countries and always go with our heads held high.
  14. Many are interested in the ETH 2.0 project, although I a small miner worries me a bit, however I see a good future in the ecosystem presented by ETH and defi is helping to generate many profits. I hope you lower the load on the network, That would help in commissions because today it is a torment for many users.
  15. User: Michael Henry Profile link: Reason: I copy a forum theme and place a publication as if it were of his authorship. Original post: Copied post: Link to post: Basically he copy the first paragraph and change a couple of words.
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