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  1. For me, I am not a native English speaker, so this forum helped me a lot to improve my English, learn new terms, and increase my ability to communicate and exchange ideas.
  2. Certainly you can, you can give these reactions on any topic or post in the forum, you just have to avoid giving them randomly, so as not to violate the forum rules, and give them only to those who deserve them.
  3. Many trading platforms offer their own mobile applications, such as the Binance platform application, Olymp trade application and other applications that allow you to trade easily through mobile.
  4. Congratulations, now that you have completed your first 100 posts in the forum, you must have understood its rules well and gained some information and experience in the field of coding, you just have to continue publishing useful posts and respect the forum’s rules in order to ensure the continuation of your journey in it.
  5. What distinguishes this forum is the diverse and comprehensive sections it provides, but as a beginner, it is necessary to spend some time in this section to learn the basics of crypto, so that we are able to understand the topics published in other sections and publish in those sections.
  6. Of course, we have to develop ourselves every day and acquire new skills in order to be able to analyze the market on our way and make our decisions by ourselves not only based on the recommendations of experts.
  7. Investing is the easiest way to increase our balance, but it requires experience in choosing the appropriate cryptocurrency to invest, as there are many currencies that lose their value causing a great loss for their investors.
  8. It is true, there are many posts and topics that are not understood, and this is normal, there are thousands of members who do not speak the English language, so we have to use translation applications and review our posts before publishing them to make sure that they are free from grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  9. There are thousands of expert members with us in this forum, and in the various fields of cryptocurrencies, so we have to benefit as much as possible from our presence with them in this forum and to learn from their experiences and take their recommendations to develop ourselves in this field.
  10. There are several aspects that must be taken care of when choosing the right wallet, including the security of this wallet, ease of use, its transaction fees, and a blockchain wallet that combines all the previous benefits.
  11. It is true, there are many members who post random posts and topics only to complete their daily tasks and earn profits, and this is wrong, and this forum is an opportunity that may not be repeated, to learn the basics of the world of crypto, in a clear, understandable and suitable method for beginners and less experienced.
  12. It is an intangible digital currency that differs from fiat currencies in that it is decentralized and its price is subject to the forces of supply and demand only, and its transaction fees are low as it can be used in the completion of many tasks and the purchase of products and services over the Internet.
  13. As a beginner, I did not previously lose money in the field of crypto, but I did lose a lot of time and effort working on fake and fraudulent sites, but I gained a lot of experience identifying such sites to avoid dealing with them in the future.
  14. Getting a good reputation requires making an effort to publish distinctive and attractive topics only, as exchanging good reputation randomly with a member or group of members is completely contrary to the rules of the forum, so just care about the quality of your posts and you will get a good reputation.
  15. Patience is the key to success, especially with regard to trading, as many beginners want to achieve a lot of profits in a short time, so they make quick and wrong decisions that may expose them to a great loss, so we have to be patient to gain enough experience and monitor the market carefully before making decisions.
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