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  1. Yes i am. I know crypto always have new projects that are still pending. Let's just wait for it.
  2. I want to gift someone with crypto but i remember that i don't have so much to give so i will save it, maybe next year hehe.
  3. That's right. That's why we shouldn't be easily fooled by their words. Think a hundred times before answering them.
  4. I am also experiencing this kind of error but i just refresh the site then it will be back to normal again so i don't think it's a problem.
  5. Thank you for this. I will start my 2020 safely by avoiding those things you said. You help a lot of people, thanks.
  6. That's very risky since you will use real thing here. You might lose your bike without getting anything back or double the profit then you can get another bike after.
  7. I think yes because USA is a rich country, they will accept bitcoin because they know it can make their country better. They are smart.
  8. Just keep all your private things to yourself. Don't tell it even to your closest friend. Yourself is the only one you can trust in this kind of situation.
  9. That will not happen if we are all still living. That will just happen once we are all dead, when living things are all gone.
  10. I have good finances because of crypto but i am getting really busy these days, i don't have enough time for crypto so maybe, i will leave next year but still not sure.
  11. Yes. I also hope that everyone will know about crypto so that we will all have good income and we won't be in short of finances.
  12. So even if there are no more to mine, miners will still have income??? Tell me please.
  13. Yeahh, i am afraid of that that's why i am thinking so much if i should start investing. I am scared of taking the risk.
  14. It depends. Crypto may not last long once all coins are mined but maybe it will still work. I am not sure.
  15. Yes, a lot of people today really likes bitcoin and everyday, there are more and more people getting interested so it can't be useless.
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