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  1. Yes, and also i take this as may part time job as a student, because for me this crypto talk helps me a lot, specially in financial problems. But honestly as of now i can't complete my 30 post per day because of school works.
  2. Crypto is the one of currency that is trending because in crypto you can earn a lot of money, it's like digital money making, and can be considered as online transactions.
  3. Yes, posting 30 post a day and got paid is a very very easiest way to earn money, it's the best job for a students like me, because we can multitask, and have a part time job, not really a huge job but atleast we're earning money while studying.
  4. Yes i agree with you, because nowadays as we can see there's a lot of bitcoins existing here in the world, why? Because bitcoin is really a big thing now and it helps a lot of people.
  5. Because i see bitcoin as a big thing, it's not cheap so the price of it must level to their quality. Bitcoin is really worth it. So why should complain to the price? In my opinion bitcoin is expensive because of their process and way, they has good reviews.
  6. For me the best strategy you can do in trading is having a patience in any thing, because for me being patience is a big help for us to a good trader.
  7. I think a lot of people will use crypto and a lot of people got a job that even students can earn money easily here in crypto world.
  8. Same, and i think giving crypto as a gift to one person that really appreciates crypto is the best thing and could be a best gift fot him/her.
  9. Oww, really? By the way thanks for sharing your opinion, now i knew something about KYC. Thanks for sharing some information that can help others like me.
  10. Yeah we must stay at cryptoworld, because nowadays crypto world is really a big help for a lot of people, specially to those students who needs to earn money in easy way.
  11. I've been here for a month, but i know crypto for 2 months but i didn't join easily because i think a lot before i join here in crypto talk, now I'm part of it, what i can say is here in cryptotalk is a big help because we can earn money here by just posting valuable information.
  12. I think bitcoin will never be useless to a lot of people who really understands bitcoin, maybe for those people who doesn't really understand what bitcoin is maybe for them bitcoin is useless, but I'm pretty sure that bitcoin will never be useless for those people who really understands it.
  13. I usually use crypto on mobile phones. Because for me mobile phone is the best gadget to use crypto because you can bring it anywhere you go.
  14. Yah i agree with you, and it seems its a good idea. And i think about it, it seems if we do that we can be more secure and safe. Thanks for sharing some opinion. Really appreciate it.
  15. Hmm, for me you have a point but you don't have to worry about in investing in bitcoin, because investing there is really worth it.
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