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  1. Yeah supply and demand, the higher the demand, the lower the supply and I think thats's the reason why bitcoin is you so called 'expensive' because the demand was high. I don't think the conviency of fast transactions relates to the amount of bitcoin.
  2. It's not about just cryptocurrencies or other digital currencies, being wise can be applied through your whole life. If your not wise on one thing, you can't succeed. There is a requirement of being wise, you must be a critical thinker, you should have a knowledge and plenty of review before making a decision.
  3. Nice. I wish we have those of them here in my country since it provides conveniency that you dont have to go to the bank to get your bitcoin and then exchange it to your local currency. This is pretty much convenient since ATMs can be spreaded throughout a country.
  4. USA was a liberated one. Other companies accepting bitcoin on some transactions but not all the country in America was allowing bitcoin as payment system their government have seen the other side of allowing cryptocurrency transactions.
  5. Yes it is indeed important and I agree to you that companies hires a logo maker because it the logo will serve as their visual identity and the icon will remind what's that coin. Bitcoin is the best for me since I am grinding to earn it.
  6. It will never happen because cryptocurrency's price is based on the fiat currency. It's basing its price to the exchange of it to fiat. You can't determine its price if it's low or high without the fiat. It is not possible to happen.
  7. It's just my secondary source of income because if you will just rely your future on cryptocurrencies, I dont think that that will be effective because we all know that cryptos goes up and down. What if you needed the money and the price drops, you really need it and you'll lose there.
  8. I dont usually buy bitcoin since Im just a student. I just post instead, I can earn btc buy posting here in cryptotalk and I dont even have to invest since I dont have money for it.
  9. I know none, but I suggest consulting the supreriors or the pros about bitcoin. If you got an interest about bitcoin and you know noone, you can study by yourself here in forums by browsing and reading. You can search here what uou want to know and get opinions from different people.
  10. Yes it is, it cant really replace bitcoin because bitcoin must be the king of all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin comes first among the rest. Like bitcoin was the main idea and the other cryptocurrency was the supporting details.
  11. It is about how you are good at something or what suits you the best or what would you prefer and comfortable with. You'll get more profit than holding since holding takes a lot of time than trading.
  12. Man this is all about how you believe on some things here in cryptocurrency world. All of us have our own prediction according to what happened to our transactions lately, the exchange of a coin to your local currency. Observation is a must, you must predict what you believe. There are just two opposite sides, the negative ones and the positive ones.
  13. Well I guess not, but why not? Who knows? It will have a good profit to all of us holders even it if rises or drops. Wether of the to is a good opportunity, when it rises, we must sell to have a good profit, when it drops, it is the best time to buy since we all have tangible money because it's christmas time, we all got our bonuses.
  14. They don't believe it because of their fear ofcourse. Even here at my town, whenever I say "bitcoin, they'll gonna say "it's just a scam". Well I know someone who's been scammed, but they dont secured their transaction's safety. They are not liking bitcoin because they think that it is always a scam. They dont really know what's happening.
  15. I agree to this. Trading requires a good knowledge and strategies to manipulate it. If you just trade just because you wanted too, what's your point of doing that. You trade to get a profit and in order to do that, you need knowledge and you barely need to be observant of its price.
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