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Found 20 results

  1. Hello I am a recent member of the forum, and I have some questions about how long I can wait to receive my first bitcoin payment Knowing that I have completed the first 100 posts. Please help me
  2. есть ли сайты которые показывают где можно слить то или иное оружие на котором есть наклейка или наклейки и за какие именно наклейки и сколько готовы переплатить?
  3. Well, since I have some posts, I would like you to give me some tips to improve my posts since sometimes they delete them and we know exactly why they delete them, your advice would be useful for me. 🙂
  4. парни, объясните мне условия аирдропа. я, видимо, тупой и не понял чего-то до конца
  5. I was in need of money now because I have an event to handle, Alumni Homecoming, and I don't even have a money nor financial assistance. So, I heard about bitcoins. Does bitcoins really helps? I always find the way to make money, downloading apps, websites. I hope you can help me through this. Thank you.
  6. What application do you recommend to translate voice notes into several languages, I need an urgent one, help guys.
  7. Luck, chance, optionality ... learn very important concepts, which will help you when planning operations. Minimize risks to unexpected events and even benefit from them. It is a very interesting way of thinking, here I leave you my dear friend!: 1. Is there luck? Cheated by chance. 2. The Black Swan: the impact of the highly unlikely. 3. Antifragile: the things that benefit from the disorder. There are many more works with which you can continue to grow as a trader, but I think these titles should not stop reading them. Most of them you can find on Amazon or specialized libraries. 🥰
  8. Hi all cryptotalk members As we all know, September is just one day away and the TALK token is likely to be released and open for trading. I am sure that many members are looking forward to this and cashing in on all the hard work that they have put in over the last couple of months. I just have one question. Is anyone experiencing problems with the Send to TALK balance button? Are you able to send the TALK tokens to your wallet? Please let me know. As of yesterday i am unable to do so and would like to check if this is a problem with my account or if other users are experiencing this problem too.
  9. Hello guys, I want to know what is the best platform for mining NANO. I know that most of you don't know what the currency is, but I want help
  10. Идеи для YouTube видеороликов и стримов Друг создает Youtube канал, связанный с игрой в доту и просит помочь ему придумать идеи для роликов и стримов. Нужны достаточно оригинальные мысли, за хорошие советы лично от меня перечислю крипту или кину иммортал вещь(мнение субъективное, не обижайтесь если ваша потенциально крутая идея мне не понравится!)
  11. Hi all, I need advice on how to get BNB of Binance. I wanted buy something with BNB on the Binance DEX exchange. So, I have created a Binance wallet via Trust app and have sent some BTC there. I saw that I could couple my Trust wallet directly to Binance DEX, so I hoped I could use BTC once connected. However, when I did connect the wallet, I saw no BTC on my DEX account. Then I tried to do a swap directly in my Trust wallet. But it appeared that there was no swap from BTC to BNB, only from BTCB to BNB. But there was also no swap from BTC to BTCB. Then I sent my BTC to my Binance (not Binance DEX) account. I hoped I could change it there. Either from BTC to BNB or to BTCB. But that appeared not to be possible either. And with every transfer I am loosing some BTC value of course, which is sad to see. Maybe somebody could give a good advice what would be the best and cheapest (as to transfer/exchange costs) solution. Cheers, Madrus
  12. Допустим написал я пост,а как было 23 поста в профиле,так и стоит.С чем это связано?
  13. Всем привет,новенький в мире крипты! Кто даст какие рекомендации куда что и как лучше инвестироваться? К примеру с периода ноября по апрель? 🙂
  14. Hello my friends, I ask you for help, I have erred on the sign "Make the Forum Read" and do not know how to deactivate it. Can you tell me how to cancel it and thank you for putting pressure on it and it didn't work.
  15. Fattkidd

    This Help

    So were having trouble about the post being deleted by the MODS and we are questioning why. Problem about the post being deleted the reason Its either our post is consider not useful enough or maybe or our content is consider repetitive by the MODS. Problem about comment being deleted the are many reason this happen its because the comment is not useful or maybe it did not pass the requirements or the most common reason is the post that we commented have been deleted. Now how do we avoid this ? I think we should be selected about the topic we open and we need to use the SEARCH button before posting a content we can use the SEARCH button to find post that already existed this will avoid repetitive Content. For commenting problem the best solution try Avoiding Post that are not really meaningful and not that informative because does post normally got deleted faster because its consider as SPAM and another way to avoid comment being deleted try using comment that actually help not just a long sentence for of words without meaning. For selecting a good post try to find post that has more sense and meaning and find post that has Good Contents. If this help you give me (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
  16. I love this website, as I read few posts regarding the benefits of this website. But I think it is not possible to get whole the information about the website by myself, so please anyone can guide me through use of this website and also about the earnings from this website. Thanks for your help and support in advance.
  17. Recently I made an LTC transaction: Exchange Yobit to my wallet when reviewing the transaction I find that the amount of output is correct in my wallet, but two receivers with that sames Tx appear. Source:
  18. levi lim


    hi im newbie here i hope youll helping me ,how to earn in this site i really want to gather more satoshi bitcoin., pls respect my post, i just want to earn money to help my family in financial thank you and godbless.
  19. zahid


    I liie cryptotalk platfom that give uss earning opertunity. Every one must support this platform becuase they pay every users whose follow the rule applied by cryptotalk.
  20. Most of us have other things to do than spending the whole time here contesting for that one Bitcoin prize, and to be honest post 30 to 40 topics per day only because of the pay/post. When pay/post offer is done maybe i will be posting 5 to 10/day or none and some other day maybe even more that 50 depends on the mood, So i would like to know how to count my today's post (replies and topics).
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