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  1. Bitcoin in recent hours has shown a slight drop in prices. Is it possible for Bitcoin to start a downward trend again? Many comments that the bitcoin bubble may explode in the coming months, but this remains to be seen. Everything seemed to indicate that Bitcoin was already stable and with many possibilities of an increase in its value, but apparently this seems not to happen, apparently at the end of the year it will be very important to see what will be the trend that bitcoin will have during the next year.
  2. Government of Pakistan has too inaugurated PIAIA--blockchain based institute.Thumbs up for blockchain and the best step towads digital adoptionadoptin. Hope we will lead in block chain technology in near future..
  3. I always write such interested story about crypto world spendind a whole day on social media and then give him a pritty much time to organize my topics. But i want to know where i will get fruit of my hard working on Cryptotalk plaft form or not. So far hope held me here now i have hope todhopi will get. Stay happy TO ALL.
  4. Hey Admin today i just complete 53 post on Cryptotalk platfrom. But confusion about payment. When i will recieve my post pament daily. Kindly clarify me i will be very thank Ful.
  5. Hello FRIENDS! Today I discuss the top 5 deadly mistakes, the crypto lovers should avoid. There are many mistakes crypto users can easily get caught in. While some of them are most dangerous one should avoid. These are as below: 1- The very first, most common and very dangerous mistake is not backing up your wallet. In any case, if you have lost, damaged or stolen your private key you cannot access your wallet from any other method and you will lose all the money in the wallet. 2- Another common and dangerous mistake is mixing up different forks e.g. if you send coins from BCH to BTC you will lose your coins. 3- Another big mistake is to keep your coins on crypto exchanges because it is so risky. The hackers mostly attack crypto exchanges. 4- Ignoring the market timing is another big mistake of crypto investors and traders. 5- Investing more than you afford to lose is a big and common mistake of crypto lovers. Specially, new users are the victims. They have a passion to earn money by trading but don’t have knowledge about it and they lose their money. These are most common mistakes. There are many others also. Keep avoiding these mistakes otherwise it could be more costly for you. Thanks for reading
  6. Hello everybody..!!! Today I am here to share my openion with you that how to make an original content post..?? From my point of view there are some key points to make an O.C post which I want to share with you , these are as follow: 1- First of all choose a topic on which you want to make O.C post. 2- Gather info about your topic. 3- Always select quality content and write it down on a paper. 4- Now, make a proofreading of your content and find the mistakes. 5- Correct all the mistakes you find. 6- Type your content and post it. These are some key point in my openion to make an O.C. i hope you like it. And I requested to share your openion also . Give me your suggestion/openion in comments. Thank You...
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    I liie cryptotalk platfom that give uss earning opertunity. Every one must support this platform becuase they pay every users whose follow the rule applied by cryptotalk.
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