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  1. This is a good question, my friend. I advise you to return to the previous publications and study each section, so that you do not get confused with ideas. You will find on your post different responses because each person answers according to his experience, this will increase your confusion ..
  2. Hello my friend, you are absolutely right. Most of us have a lot of work and are busy around the clock, so you have to organize your time and set a plan for your work. Working here does not take more than three hours. You can make it separate and not continuous hours.
  3. Hello my friend, I think that a message will be sent to your e-mail telling you the reason for the ban or the reason for the violation. You should follow the rules to avoid this. Make your posts of high quality and do not violate the rules ..
  4. I did not find this really valuable information on Google. You will find information to help you superficially. I only advise you to search here in the forum. There is information and explanation about everything, just as there are people who have more experience than us ..
  5. Of course, you will find a remarkable development, because the beginners learn from the old, and the more experienced members share their experiences with them. Thus, the novice learns faster and better ..
  6. You are right. I agree with you about this, a good language, meaning good communication. We must all improve our language to understand each other in a clearer and simpler way, especially in the field of work ..
  7. I think that most of us avoid this for fear that they will be banned or their accounts suspended. Most of us work very cautiously, especially on a site like this and when information is lacking, everyone follows the safe path.
  8. Yes, I noticed that everyone is complaining about this matter, as the posts of many members have been deleted and in large numbers. Perhaps they were posts on spam posts, or those publications violated one of the copyrights. The matter may not be because of your comment ..
  9. In my opinion, ban them and report them or ignore them. Do not open side articles with them or even talk to them so that they do not bother you again, as their goal in the end is theft. Do not enter a thief in your house ..
  10. You are right, my friend, especially after researching and learning more about the various fields, it becomes easier to choose the field that benefits you or leans towards it, and it also increases your avoidance of falling into mistakes and problems ..
  11. Well, from my point of view, I see that things are getting better for the better. The popularity of this platform is increasing every day, and this will be a great start to a new era where work is simple and innovative here ..
  12. I think that the two matters are important and are related to each other to achieve a safe and fast path towards the goal of working here, from my point of view on it by learning and practicing together. This is the best way ..
  13. Well, only two languages are allowed here. They are English and Russian. It is not allowed to steal and copy the ideas of others. You should make your comments simple and important, and most importantly, read and watch to learn more and consult before venturing ..
  14. Thank you for this information. I did not know this. I was planning to start at a low price. When I start investing, thank you for advising me. This is how I will avoid a lot of damage in the future. Please continue to share with us your experience ..
  15. Yes, I agree with you. This is important information, as the site supports the English and Russian languages only. The user of any language other than these two languages will be banned ..
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