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  1. Yes this is great idea and it will provide more opportunities to the variety of people in this forum which will very helpful because it will result it in that way? Then it is a must to do that the admin should delete the Russian local board as it will result in that way? only a few Russian participate in English community! no offense but that is true! no RACISM here, sorry i f i hurt you
  2. Yes i noticed and it is now 3 minutes between every posts but sometimes it is irritating but yes this helps us to think and go deep into the topic and helps us to share our point of view as before post where easily posted and evert second, which the admins or even the site had slow downs on some areas
  3. But I though things will be better here after the contest but i am seeing worse. Too many duplicate contents now (not from bots) i can see information repeatedly. not much new topic (unique). I hope moderators will close the platform for a day and fix everything. Bitcoin can still do that if it drops low, it can recover again in the end.
  4. Yes it is very often that many spammers come and just copy paste all those comments and copying content which should be deleted because you can find yourself replying the same comment to all of them and your comments may all be deleted.
  5. This is a good suggestion, my friend, but so far all members take the same amount and nothing extra. This equal payment I think is better, but the exchange of additional rewards also helps to encourage members to publish good content to win rewards. and even if you put a reward for the members on the leaderboard this will not help to fight against the spammers. so my answer is no, we don't need
  6. This is great and thank you for sharing all this useful information here and collecting all these topics. Really everyone should read and benefit from it and it is good to collect them all in one topic so that we can read them all at once
  7. We have a lot to expect but many are discouraged and were hoping for more payments. I am not one of them, I only want to find how the talk token will work and hope for a lot from this. I've given my opinion but it was met with dislikes so I decided to change and I'm staking in the invest box the talk and trying to make double tokens just to be sure in the case it has a good price
  8. I don't know about this issue because in my country their is no issue with crypto talk but i guess may be the higher authority of the countries don't agree the way this forum works
  9. I have not dealt with the same problem like that because i don't have to correct after i have posted my comments because i go through before i post any comment may be this will be the best way to correct your errors
  10. Well this is good to hear as a member of this forum and appreciate all those people who are work hard for the growth of this community and also it is good to hear that it getting positive response
  11. Thats true brother i have not seen such transparency in any forum yes the way they pay their payment and their rules it is just all set of transparency
  12. Yes it will be a good option for the people who want save the comments or posts they like or from which they may get influence so yes you have that link through which you bookmark that post through you can refer it later
  13. Yes it seems like it is a good way of investment and earn a good profit without any risk and at the same time we can support the new currency as well
  14. Yes it is correct and i am also facing this problem and the it was not clear but thank you guys for your information on this topic because it is very useful
  15. There are very good features in this forum new members can easily benefit through this and they earn a good money for their extra expenses
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