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  1. In this way it is easy to take the bait and naive users in their inexperience put their money in the hands of crooks. It is very easy to cheat on nft collections, here you need to be a careful user.
  2. Well, let's hope that this is not just icons on the GulfCoin website, but real fast implementation of the partnership. In the meantime, let's keep an eye on the token.
  3. Yes, the market is unpredictable now, in the case of bitcoin, of course, it is better not to sell, but on the contrary, if possible to buy more. The other story is NFT and Metaveray, here the situation is different, that is, the risks are higher, but the profit can also be higher.
  4. Not everyone understands the bridge system between the ERC20 network, and when Ethereum will switch from Pow mining to PoS it is not clear, it is supposed to be in August or September, but there have been constant postponements for a while now, so I think that we will be with such a commission for a long time yet.
  5. Too bad $GFMI token is on ERC20 network, but by the way now with the market drop the transaction fee in ETH has decreased a bit. What do I think about the project? Interesting project, you can say it was created to support hacked users.
  6. Now there is no stability, for example yesterday BTC changed price in few minutes with 5% difference. And it's not the best time for NFT marketplaces either.
  7. Most likely there is no partnership yet and it is only planned, if so we have a serious cryptocurrency, which requires careful study.
  8. Now there is a crisis in the cryptocurrency market, scammers also want to make money, so naive users lose their money.
  9. These NFT collections have a real fighter, and he has fans who will probably buy such NFT cards from their favorite fighter.
  10. I see. I will then study the token, if such partners have Gulf, it is a promising platform which is worth a closer look.
  11. Most likely these are the platforms where GulfCoin token listing is planned in the future. Or are these partners who invested in the project?
  12. What you listed are centralized stablcoins, while tokens like USDD, UST are algorithmic stablcoins.
  13. I agree with you on that, but in the meantime many users have doubts about stackablecoins and tying them to the dollar. Tether's chief technology officer recently reported that the company has reduced its commercial paper holdings by 50% by moving funds into U.S. Treasuries.
  14. Yes, especially since regulators (such as the SEC) are now keeping a close eye on stablcoin, that is, they want to contralibrate.
  15. But as practice has shown just stabelcoins do not give a guarantee that our money does not disappear.
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