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  1. That's right, the betting has a better chance of winning than the casino game. In Betting you can do an analysis of the team and on the basis of this make bets in the casino all on luck.
  2. It all depends on the person, if he can not stop in time, it's not the casino's fault.
  3. YES I understand that. But betting on sports is not only about making money, but also about adrenaline.
  4. If you are not careful, you can lose money on the betting, so you need to weigh the risks
  5. In this I agree, yes I am a risk taker and a bit of a gambler. No one knows for 100% that the team you bet on will win.
  6. Yes, it's wrong, but I can't contain my rush of excitement, so I bet on the whole deposit.
  7. That's why you have to calculate your deposit correctly. I never deposit large sums, because I know that I bet almost the entire deposit.
  8. Such sites are only an introduction, the final bets decide only for us, the risks are solely on the user.
  9. There are special analytical sites that provide accurate information, thereby you can reduce your risk of loss.
  10. There are times when your favorite team may not justify your bet. There are still risks. But, of course, it always takes its toll.
  11. О, отлично. Сайт платит значит. За какой период накопил эти суммы?
  12. Exactly right. But that rarely happens, personally my favorite team is Real Madrid, but lately it has been letting my expectations down a bit.
  13. Yes, betting on your favorite team, it's already like a little excitement, not making money on sports. There are few people who make money in this area, mostly amateurs.
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