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  1. I think everyone knows about trading market. When coins prices is low you should wait and see when it's price will increase. When it's price will high you can invest in trade market
  2. I this forum I have seen many posts. I don't think they need to conversation, because may be we are new here. Most senior members are already posts to many topics that will help us to learn more about it.
  3. I don't think donation is the wrong thing. If you earn too much money from any work you should donate some money to poor people. But in this forum I have no idea because as I told before I am new here in cryptotalk
  4. I don't know it's safe or not. But I saw in my senier and old members comments. You can trust on yobit wallet for cryptotalk. 8 think every member have account in yobit. It is very easy way to transfer money.
  5. I think it is the best topic till I have seen this forum. Every new member must learn from it. Because if you wanna earn money from any feild that you want. Learning is the most important thing to earn money
  6. I am new bigginner here that's why I choose the topic For Bigginner '. It is very helpful for me and also it helps new beginner like me. So keep learning from it.
  7. I don't have any idea about Bitcoin ATM. I am new here to work. Even i never withdraw any amount in bitcoin I am fresher member. But I want to know about bitcoin ATM.
  8. There are many trading options in the market. Bitcoin has one of them. It's started on 2011.Now it become a very big company. Many peoples are joined it and earn lots of money in short time.
  9. Without any knowledge or information it will be risky for all. If you know everything about it then you can invest money in it. Remember one thing if you are new here and you want to invest then you can try but in short amount of money. Thank you
  10. It is not a big issue. If you post useful topics in your ID then admin will approve it either it will be deleted by admin. So before post remember one thing it must be useful for new beginners.
  11. Till I using this I have no problem with this forum. Because I am new here who started the work. Same post or comments may be deleted by admin. Because it is useless for this forum
  12. There are many post in forum. I have seen many y posts in different topics. Some are useful and s some are useless thoughts. You can react on any topic that you want. It's depends on you which is useful for you.
  13. Firstly you need to complete your 100 comments. After completing this task you will get 100 satoshi. Then your real task will be started. You have to be done daily 30 comments. Your work will be decide. You can easily earn money from daily basis and payment will be debited from your yobit account.
  14. I dont have any idea couse i am new member here to work. Even i didn't completed my first task which is 100 comments on given topics in this forum. Let us see what will happen. But I can trust it because I have seen many proofs.
  15. Bitcoin is the big market trading busssines. It's show our money values in different countries. It is like a game that people plays with their money. Now it's condition is very good because in few days ago bitcoin has banned in some reasons Anyway now it is running very successfully.
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