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  1. Your words are correct, my friend, that success is not easy, but you have to work hard in order to reach your goal, and I agree with you that the most important factor for success is patience, as nothing comes easy, also, we must not let anything frustrate our resolve. If you failed at the beginning, do not worry, but come back stronger and more determined. My advice is also to benefit from the experiences of others and your mistakes and turn them into lessons.
  2. Yes, my friend, you should wait a few minutes between each post, meaning approximately three minutes, I think this is a good thing, because it gives you time to think carefully before you want to post something this helps you to avoid making mistakes, this benefits people who write quickly.
  3. I was a little afraid of this, but now I figured out how this work so if you have an account that you can use from any other device, and if you want to create another account, you must use it from another device, it means you cannot use the same device for two different accounts, because you will be banned, be careful everyone.
  4. In fact, I started working here because one of my acquaintances suggested that I work in this forum in order to earn some money because I needed that, and now I love working here, I also liked that we can gain a lot of valuable information at the same time, and based on that I invited my friend to work here and she liked it very much, and we are very grateful.
  5. Exposure to the ban here is a matter that anyone who violates the rules of the Forum may be subjected to and does not follow. As for me, I think that I would be upset if I was banned, especially in these difficult circumstances.But of course, I am doing my best efforts to prevent this from happening, because the virus has prevented many people from going to their work and affected them badly, so people moved to work in the field of cryptocurrencies, and I am among them, but now I think I am starting to love working here and I will try to make it my specialty.
  6. The posts that violate the forum rules are deleted immediately, even if they are shared by old members, and the laws here apply to everyone without exception, so be careful in everything you do, as for your question about the accounts that are banned, yes they will remain banned and cannot recover them, but the useful posts from them remain visible.
  7. This is a good topic. Well, working hard is smart work and so they are almost the same thing. Working here is not difficult if you have a goal that you are moving towards, but the smart work appears when you move to the stage of trading and investing, and you will then know that your efforts have paid off, good luck to all.
  8. Yes, I agree with you, my friend, and thank you for these inspiring words. I was upset when my posts were being deleted, but now I do not let anything stand in my way, but I am now more impulsive than before. It is okay if you did not succeed the first time, because a person who did not fail is a person who did not try.
  9. Cryptocurrencies have appeared years ago, I think, in 2009, and since that time, they are increasing in popularity every day, and dealing with them has increased very clearly in the past two years, and people are allowed to use them in several countries, and hopefully in the whole world one-day, but the future remains unknown and we do not know what might happen, but we always look at the bright side of the matter, and if people continue to work hard, their future will be bright.
  10. Dear new members, before starting work here, the most important thing is that you read the rules and follow them in order to avoid making mistakes, I agree with you that there are many topics that recur and thus cover new topics and the important one that should be focused on instead.
  11. Well, I am still a little new to this forum and I did not face any problem except for one which is deleting posts. I used to get annoyed when my posts were deleted, but I do not let that disappoint me, everyone is facing the same problem, and all you have to do to reduce the rate of this happening is to pay attention to your posts and make sure that you share useful content.
  12. This is a good thing to hear, unfortunately in my country there are few who know cryptocurrencies and fewer who knows how to deal with it, but we're still just in the beginning, and I think that in the future, cryptocurrencies will play a big role for the global economy.
  13. Yes, my friend, you are right. There are many people who have stopped working, especially after changing the policies here, but do not let that hinder you from progress, but rather continue to work even if you failed at times and reached the stage of surrender remember your goal and work to reach it.
  14. Each of us has something that motivates them to continue working here. For me, what excites me most also is the positive reactions that I get, because it reminds me that my efforts have paid off and benefited others and that gives me a nice feeling and I became more motivated to work and learn in this forum.
  15. You are right, my friend. We must all continue to work together as one hand in order to ensure the improvement and continuation of this forum, as an expression of our gratitude for the profits and valuable information it offers us, we can achieve this by continuing to work on a daily basis and provide valuable content.
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