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  1. This is really great news, with France starting to implement the digital currency system, this means its spread in the European market, and its entry into various areas of life, and thus the stores will begin to accept buying and selling with these digital currencies.
  2. Dogecoin may be one of the best ten cryptocurrencies, but it certainly has not surpassed Bitcoin, and will not reach its level and popularity, even Ethereum and the rest of the currencies will remain behind Bitcoin.
  3. I agree with you, faucets, cloud mining and advertising sites are a waste of time , when you reach the withdrawal limit this limit is raised again, or your account is banned, so I do not prefer dealing with these sites.
  4. I do not trust such projects even if they become hype. There are many projects that promise a lot of profit in a short period, and they are fraudulent or unsustainable projects.
  5. I do not think that the price of Bitcoin will drop in the near future, there are many whales who own millions of bitcoins, they will control the supply and demand for this currency and will not allow Bitcoin to lose its price.
  6. There are many fraudulent sites and fraudulent platforms, and once we send our cryptocurrencies or our private keys we will fall victim to fraud, so we have to search well in the internet for any exchange or trading platform before we start dealing with it.
  7. We were frustrated with postponing Talk token trading date to the beginning of next month, but we must be patient and continue to share useful posts, and for sure our profits will be great when we start trading it.
  8. I have not encountered this problem before, perhaps it is a temporary problem in the forum, you can change your notification settings, and if the problem is not solved you can contact the support team of the forum, and you will get an accurate answer.
  9. In fact, I have not tried this method of earning profits before, but I think it is really profitable, but it requires dedicated processors for that and consumes a large amount of electricity, taking into account the reduction of mining profits in half after the last halving event.
  10. I agree with you, there are some members who do not pay attention to this matter, and publish only to complete their daily tasks, even if the posts are useless or in a section other than the designated section, and this leads to the deletion of their posts.
  11. Because the price of bitcoin is linked to supply and demand, and like other exchange stocks, it may rise or fall depending on the demand for this currency, and it is also affected by the events the world is going through, as the epidemic negatively affected the price of bitcoin and led to its decline.
  12. There are already sections for mobile applications and blockchains. It is really interesting to have a section for games, as this will attract many members who are obsessed with these games, and it will increase the activity of the forum.
  13. Certainly, Bitcoin has imposed itself as the best cryptocurrency, the most popular and valuable, and this encourages trust and dealings in it, but it requires a large capital to buy and invest it, and this is not available to all people.
  14. Frankly, I am still a beginner in the world of cryptocurrencies, and I do not have much information about it, so I still have poor capabilities in writing topics, so I just comment on the published topics, and learn more information until I start writing the topics myself.
  15. I agree with you, many people, especially beginners, are unable to control their emotions when starting the loss, which leads to double their loss and loss of their money, so we must not be greedy, and accept a little profit in the beginning so that we can achieve more profits when we gain sufficient experience.
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