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  1. In my opinion, faucetis waste our time in today life. Because, we just got few satoshi's after clicking few shortlink. and we never know if inside their shortlink is contain malware.
  2. escendol

    Eidoo wallet

    I use this wallet too for a long time, but already uninstalled few months ago. Not because not safe/secure, this wallet giving Airdrop too, but we need to KYC passed to receive it. If this feature not changed.
  3. I think, using this website as primary wallet is fully a mistake. This site just for gambling game, not for store your asset inside this website. You can deposit to this website if you want to play, but if you won a lot of Bitcoin from your game, Withdraw it to your own wallet such as Electrum.
  4. If Libra is looking traditional companies, i think they wouldn't get it. Because, supporting crypto in several countries is very risky. But, if they are looking partner from blockchain based project, that will very possibly.
  5. escendol

    No payment

    Not because need mods or support, but many people just want to fast payment but he/she not readrules of campaign carefully. Than creating thread like this, i think better member just check related thread with his/her issue
  6. escendol

    No payment

    I am not too active here, but I always get payment for every post i made. Just check your quality post or character count of your post before making this thread.
  7. Keeping as bitcoin of course good Idea, but if you have skill to trade, you can trade it and double your satoshi's.
  8. We can't compare this forum and BTT, CPT just a new born crypto forums, i think in the future many new members will join this forum. such as for ANN thread or even bounties. this forum just needs more time to grow.
  9. in my country, handle social media for a company with 8 hours, 5 days, we can get $400, maybe OP just needs escrow to get a moderators.
  10. Everything is fine after i using Yobit since 2017, trade and withdraw working very smoothly. Not like people says if this exchange has many problems
  11. escendol

    Forum ranks

    Everything sounds good, After this member ranking, I hope open for another sub forums and DT members.
  12. Dear moderator, sorry for OOT. I have suggestion for moderators, maybe this topic on new sections, it will better for member to find, and of course it will be good for SEO too.
  13. My payment on yobit after 3-4 hours, if your post not counted maybe your post less than 100 characters as mention on rules or make sure your post not just a spam post.
  14. I only have Lobstr, Eidoo, Metamask, Coinbase and Electrum, Because i never safe another crypto on my wallet. When i have crypto except XLM, BTC and ETH+Token, I trade it.
  15. Libra and Bitcoins have different visions and mission, so, even Libra beat Bitcoin on CMC ranking because volume very high, Bitcoin still can survive no matter what. Because Bitcoin is the mother of crypto. And i don't think Libra will survive as Bitcoin, because till today, many people rejected Libra because Privacy data of Facebook users has been compromised several times
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