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  1. 1k74mg3p Another service by Yobit, it will be good for Yobit investment and trading service.
  2. In my opinion, faucetis waste our time in today life. Because, we just got few satoshi's after clicking few shortlink. and we never know if inside their shortlink is contain malware.
  3. I think, using this website as primary wallet is fully a mistake. This site just for gambling game, not for store your asset inside this website. You can deposit to this website if you want to play, but if you won a lot of Bitcoin from your game, Withdraw it to your own wallet such as Electrum.
  4. Keeping as bitcoin of course good Idea, but if you have skill to trade, you can trade it and double your satoshi's.
  5. escendol

    Forum ranks

    Everything sounds good, After this member ranking, I hope open for another sub forums and DT members.
  6. Dear moderator, sorry for OOT. I have suggestion for moderators, maybe this topic on new sections, it will better for member to find, and of course it will be good for SEO too.
  7. My payment on yobit after 3-4 hours, if your post not counted maybe your post less than 100 characters as mention on rules or make sure your post not just a spam post.
  8. I only have Lobstr, Eidoo, Metamask, Coinbase and Electrum, Because i never safe another crypto on my wallet. When i have crypto except XLM, BTC and ETH+Token, I trade it.
  9. exactly, research and learn by doing is the key if we want to be a pro trader. same like you, as a trader, i don't always getting profits. But, it makes me learn something every order created.
  10. Nothing wrong with title, OPnot saying if he want to share a tutorial. but he just sharing how to information. so dont be worry about this. i think this is not trolling, because link information is from original tutorial by dev. COntent like this is better than we are sharing tutorial but just plagiarized
  11. This site is good for people who want to get free btc. Claim rewards depend on current bitcoin price. if BTC drops, we can get more satoshi rewards. Don't forget to claim as many as you can. If you are playing the game, stop it if you lose 3 times in a row. because you will lost all of your satoshi
  12. few points of your suggestion look like from another forums. i think Admin better to making rules very different with other forums.
  13. I think using lottery is not good, because this contest say "make max post", if the rules changed to lottery, it look like not fair if someone with low post become a winner.
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