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  1. Careful with it if you're a late joiner. It can potentially make you lose money. For the early birds congrats. Great to see Crypto evolving.
  2. Do not use those "easy UI" miners especially like this one including NiceHash, and the same goes for CryptoTab browser and so on. If you want to start mining better set up your own batch files for the mining software that you'd download. Those "companies" take a decent chunk of the profits for themselves.
  3. neurolicious

    What to play?

    Escape From Tarkov and Runescape are the only games that I never get enough of. RPG element makes them addictive somewhat.
  4. BetFury is a really nice looking new gambling website that has some amazing features, it has a free bitcoin faucet that gives you 1800 Satoshi daily for free to gamble with and it also has it's own token that let's you earn a share of the daily profit generate by this website. There are many different ways to win money on this site, you can use your free bitcoin faucet claims to use the Satoshi mines for example and multiple your daily faucet earnings. You can earn profits by holding the BFG tokens in your online wallet, you earn a share of profit generated by this website from all gambling done and new tokens that are mined. The bet fury referral program allows you to earn profit from gambling, from the slot machines and from the token mining. As you earn more profit you can stake your tokens and earn compound interest, making this one of the most lucrative gambling affiliate programs online. Create your account here -
  5. They get their money from ads on most part but some faucets also offer premium memberships and other things that bring money in.
  6. If you're content creator and know how to advertise your channel you can get some crazy tips from people. People who migrated from Youtube to LBRY are saying that they earn so much more money with LBRY which is already a good think to hear about. Even as a viewer you can earn some, though not much but still a worthy amount over time. LBRY has a great future.
  7. LBRY Credits is doing good project wise and therefore also on the market, and it seems to have a bright future ahead. As the current price sits on roughly $0.05 and is on uptrend, the rewards for consumers and content creators alike are becoming more generous by day. If you like to watch content I'd recommend you to visit once a day atleast to have a chance to get up to $5 reward for viewing content.Before being eligible to earn LBRY rewards you must verify your account by one of three following methods - phone, credit card, or chat. I used the phone method which seemed the most convenient for me.Register in the link Now lets get into how can you get the rewards.The main reward I want to talk about in this post is the Daily Watch Reward, which rolls a random amount of LBC tokens between 1-100 every 24 hours. All you have to do is to watch one piece of content whether it be a book or video. Mostly you'll hit 1-6 as I've noticed but atleast once a month on average get the 100 LBC reward and also couple 30-50 LBC hits here and there.There are also other ways to earn rewards on Detailed information you can see in the list below.List of the LBRY Rewards Note that the rewards are subject to change at any given moment Good luck and most importantly stay safe everybody!
  8. I don't feel like LTC has a future... Solely because it's tech is outdated and there are many better low cap coins out there that are yet to be discovered for their potential except a few like Cardano, Tezos and Chainlink.
  9. Age of Empires 2 DE, Stronghold Crusader and They Are Billions are my 3 favorite strategy games, with tons of content. If you into such games then I'd suggest you to take a look.
  10. Haven't heard of this platform before and I'm intrigued. Will definitely take a look at it and see how it performs. As of now it seems that only ones who really earn something decent from it are content creators etc but nevertheless I think it's a movement to right direction.
  11. Yeah true most of them are a waste of time, except if you like some games you can play games which give you few satoshis. I personally use Phoneum app and its 2 games that give Phoneum crypto. Making some clicks here and there can give you 1000 satoshi a day with minimal effort.
  12. Russians are more into crypto, and as a big country with tons of rural areas, people are happily focused towards crypto knowledge and earnings. To be completely honest all crypto veterans are still at Bitcointalk, and nearly half if not more of the people here are just farming for that BTC.
  13. Sounds cool and all but I wonder how efficient it turns out. Probably will suck the battery dry and give the user couple cents for it. It might be a gimmick but who knows, just have to wait and see how it all turns out. I'm interested either way.
  14. Not worth it in my opinion. Rather claim regular faucets, you'd still make more with less work. I will be making a topic here tomorrow on the best and most efficient ways to micro earn crypto. There are ways to get 5000 to 15000 satoshi without having to click on stuff constantly.
  15. So tell me, the money you seem to have heaps of to share with countless of people is an actual blockchain BTC or simply a number on your website? What is the catch of all this? Why do you offer "free money" to people? What do you gain from this?
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