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  1. Yeah brother i will agree with you most of the beginners ask the same quesrion again and again which is not good for them so please do not make same post again and again or you will get ban.
  2. My friend i have also faced this problem so i should tell you if you are mobile user then use our browser on desktop mode then your id will open i did not know very much about this problem maybe it will fix soon.
  3. As i am new i never did airdrop so i did not know about it and besides airdrop dose not have that much profit so i tell you to work here and earn more money then the airdrop.
  4. In my opinion mederators will get more then the simple mimber of the forum because they manages the forum and keep the members on track and their work is harder then ours so i think they will get more reward then us.
  5. Thanks my friend for this valuable information but i think the that yobit works is just great and easy and you can also withdraw very easily. So prefer yobit exchange way.
  6. After you make 30 useful posts there would be some time in it to chack the posts by admin then you will reseve your satoshis and you can send your satoshis into btc right away.
  7. It depends on the member way of learning but in my case i spend most of my time here in order to learn any thing new and increase my knowledge about crypto world.
  8. I have faced this problem to and i will say the forum will work on this problem and try to repair it because in this condition how we supposed to do work so please fix this.
  9. You work hard and achive this rank happy for you my friend and in my opinion ranking up method is a great way to bost the members to work hard. And i also say this is a great place me as i learn alot from it.
  10. I am new here so i spent a very less time on this forum but a i learn many useful things about crypto world and trading which is helping me i persend and will help me in future this is a great place to learn and earn.
  11. This would be good but in my opinion if you are new do not do that first increase your knowledge about sites that they are profitable or not then do this or else you will suffer a great loss.
  12. Yes i am with you on this i think this way that everyone should help each other and increase their knowledge about crypto world it a great place for learning and earning.
  13. As i am new i did not know any thing about it. And in my opinion you should post this topic in crypto world and not here because this is a beginners section.
  14. I think there is no app of cryptotalk i never hear about it so do not be in these types of things just do you work properly. And receve you earnings.
  15. Yeah friend i agree with you most of the new members did not follow the rules and get there account banned so please be carefull and work properly.
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